How to Mute People in CSGO? – Full Tutorial

how to mute people in csgo

CSGO is a game in which communications between the team leader and other players, in general, is extremely important and can often help turn a losing game into a victory, while most of the time, all types of communications, whether in-game chat or voice communication, are a good thing, there are moments when one player or players who are using the voice chat ruin the whole experience for everyone by either being toxic, spamming or disrupting the chat in any other manner, especially in clutch situations. While the players who use their chat privileges are a minority, still one group of people use it to cause mayhem in the game.

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Luckily, there is more than one way to keep situations like this in check and make your CSGO experience more pleasant. There are a number of ways in which you can make things right and have troublesome players muted, and today, we will share all the information we have about how to use these ways to your advantage and change the situation you are in and make things right for you. There is not much left to say, other than you will thank us for this guide, so let’s get into it.

How to mute other players in CSGO?

In order to mute players in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the first thing you need to do is open the scoreboard. To open the scoreboard, you will need to press and hold the “tab” button. While holding the button, press right-click on your mouse to release the cursor and once the cursor is released, shower it over the name of the player that you would like to mute and press left-click. A pop-up menu will appear with several options which you can choose by clicking on them. In order to mute somebody in-game, you will need to click on the “Block Communication” option. Bu clicking on it, you will completely disable a certain player from participating in the voice chat. Release the “tab” button to close the scoreboard. Now you will no longer be able to hear the voice of the one-player, or several players that you have chosen to mute.

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Is there an Auto-Mute in CSGO?

The short and the most literal answer to this question is no, there is no auto-mute option. However, there is a similar feature that could be considered as auto-mute. This feature is relatively new as Valve added it to the game as recently as February 2020 and through it, some players can automatically receive a ban, however, this feature is still new so we will explain in detail how it works.

In this case, if you want to mute somebody for abusing the voice chat, the first thing that you will need to do is open the scoreboard by pressing the “tab” button and then search for that one player who you wish to report. It doesn’t matter if he is on your team or enemy team, this will work regardless. Once you have the name of the player that you wish to be muted, you can proceed with the muting process. Follow this by clicking on the player’s name then select the report option. When asked for a reason, select abusive communication or profile.

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While in this case, this action won’t immediately mute the person you have selected, Valve will make a notice of your complaint and they will receive the information on that player. Valve will keep track of those who receive too many complaints and will block their chat privileges and mute them for extensive periods of time. However, those who don’t commit such voice-chat offenses repeatedly will be left alone and will not receive a mute from Valve.

Can you disable voice chat completely in CSGO?

Yes, if you want to do so, you can completely disable voice chat in CSGO. Doing so is very simple and it doesn’t take much time. Below, we will share the secrets on how to mute the voice chat in its entirety including the players on your team so if you want to mute everyone, we will share our guide and you will be able to see how it is done.

The first thing that you want to do in order to completely disable voice chat is open the developer console which you can do by pressing the “~” key by default. If it doesn’t work, in that case, you might need to find out which button did you sure that the console is enabled in your settings. To enable to console, launch CSGO and go to settings in the main menu. Once there, search for the check box for the developer console and click Yes to enable it. Next, click and open the keyboard/mouse tab and scroll all the way down. At the very bottom, you will find an option to change your toggle console key.

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Upon pressing the console key, the console will open the next thing that you want to do is enter the following command voice_enable 0. Once this is done, hit the “enter” key and all voice communication will be muted. If you want to reverse this command and unmute all of the voice chat, you can use the voice_enable 1 command. Doing this in the middle of a CSGO match can be kind of tricky, however, it is possible to keybind this command to a single key which makes using it during a CSGO match very easy and risk-free.

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If you want to bind this command to a specific key, you can do so by using the following set of commands. Once again, we will be using the developer console so start by pressing the “~” key and then enter the following: bind “the key that you want to use” and then voice_enable 0. So for example, if we want to bind this to our “X” key, the code you would enter would look like this: bind X „voice_enable 0″. Press enter and now you should be able to completely block communication by pressing X. You can also assign a key to unmute voice chat by using the following command: bind C „voice_enable 1″. Now you can mute the chat by pressing the X button and unmute it by pressing the C button.

Why mute other people in CSGO?

There are a number of reasons why somebody would want to mute a specific person. It is not uncommon to come across players who have no regard for others and simply disrupt the text chat with their posts. These could be posts that are related to topics such as racism, messages that just insult others and are in no way beneficial to the game, or simply troll posts. And all of these can be very distracting and cause your gameplay to suffer, especially in clutch situations.

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The same basic reasoning applies to voice chat as well, however, in clutch situations, this kind of behavior is amped up to eleven if it is done via voice chat. Imagine yourself in a situation where your team is losing the match, the opponent is tough and you are at a serious disadvantage. You find yourself in a very difficult position and the last thing you need is for your teammates to become disruptive and start spamming the text chat with unrelated messages that can distract you and shift your focus, or even worse, they all start yelling into the microphone simultaneously arguing about whose fault it is that you are losing or any other irrelevant information.

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This is why in clutch situations, it is extremely useful to have your keybind ready to mute troublesome individuals and avoid situations like this with minimal damage. It is important to note that being able to mute one or more people is both a blessing and a curse. While on one hand you will be shielded from spam and inappropriate behavior, on the other hand, by being completely isolated from your teammates, you are potentially blocking useful information alongside the spam, which is not what you should be doing in a team game like CSGO.


In this article we go over the voice chat functions in CSGO, and share the knowledge on all the ways how a certain player can mute another player by using the scoreboard method. Aside from the scoreboard method, we also cover the console commands that allow a player to completely mute all voice chat, as well as any other additional ways to mute other players as well as the reasons why somebody would want to remove others from the chat.

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