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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is famous for introducing gun and knife skins as core elements of gameplay alongside an official marketplace to encourage the community members to play the game as well as trade items among themselves. These skins would be given to players individually or would come in special cases for which the community members would need to get specific keys in order to open such as the Gamma 2 Case key. Over time, numerous cases and keys, have been added to CS: GO so today we are focusing on the keys.

How do CSGO Keys Work?

The way a CS: GO case key would work in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is extremely simple and pretty much self-explanatory. A player obtains a weapon case such as the Chroma 3 Case or the Revolver Case or any other CS: GO weapon case and in order to open it, the player is required to have a matching key in his inventory, such as the Revolver Case key or the Chroma 3 Case key. Once the player obtains the required keys, her or she can use them to open the cases and gain access to the contents inside. These contents come in form of various weapon skins and cosmetics for CS: GO items, and once the player obtains them, they can trade them, sell them or use them any other way they see fit. So for example, if you wish to open a Glove Case, you will need to use the Glove Case key, and so on.

How to Get Keys in CSGO?

If you wish to open that Chroma Case or Spectrum 2 Case, then you will surely be in need of a new Spectrum 2 Case key or the new Chroma Case key, luckily, it is very easy to obtain them or any other weapon case key such as the Clutch Case key, the Operation Breakout Case key or even the Horizon Case key. All one has to do to get their hands on some new CSGO case keys is to buy them from Valve or any other player on the Steam Store, or purchase them on any other third-party skins market such as the SkinCashier. If you do not wish to buy any keys, alternatively, you can consider trading some skins for CSGO case keys on the community market of your choosing. Keep in mind though that depending on your market of choice, the trading rules and fees may change, as well as the base price of the items.

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CSGO Keys after Update

In October 2018 2019, Valve officially issued a statement announcing a major change in the way the case keys work in CS: GO. Prior to this announcement, all CS: GO keys were tradable, however, we came to learn that after the update took place, players will no longer be able to buy or sell keys from one another, as well as trade them between themselves. According to Valve, this was implemented to stop money laundering and as of the update, members of the community will only be able to purchase keys directly through Steam without the possibility of selling or exchanging them, so if you want to get your hands on that Chroma 2 Case key or the Operation Phoenix Case key or even the Winter Offensive Case key, then you will likely have to go to Steam directly. It is important to note that these changes will not be affecting the kyes that were obtained prior to the update so you may still occasionally run across an Operation vanguard Case key or that Danger Zone Case key that you need on other markets, however, as time goes by, there will be fewer of these items in circulation, and eventually, anyone looking for the Operation Wildfire Case key or the Prisma Case key will have to go to Valve.

Is it Worth Getting CSGO Keys?

There are many different weapon cases in CS: GO that have a chance to contain rare and valuable CS: GO skins such as the Gamma Case, the Shadow Case, or the Falchion Case so getting your hands on keys that can open these cases (Gamma Case key, the Shadow Case key or the Falchion Case key) can be very profitable. However, the downside of every single case is the fact that such rare drops are never guaranteed and therefore, every weapon case is a gamble. To make things worse, no weapon case key is free and in order to get them, you will need to either trade some skins for them or spend some real money. In the end, it all comes down to whether you personally think it is worth it or not. Some players only care about profit and view skins as investments so they are more likely to spend real money in the game in order to get rarer and more expensive items. Other players just want to play the game and don’t care about cosmetics at all. There are even some who target specific cosmetics that they want to use and would pay any price to get their hands on their favorite gut knife or that cool five-seven skin. Different members of the community experience the game differently, and therefore have different opinions, so in the end, it all boils down to that, your personal opinion. If you succeed in getting a good item from case and would like to sell csgo skins for real money, then remember that at Skincashier we buy all items from the most popular games on steam.

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How to Get Free CSGO Keys?

Obtaining free CS: GO keys as of writing this is not possible. While there are a couple of ways to go about obtaining keys which we have outlined in the section above, all of them will require you to trade something in exchange for the keys. It all essentially boils down to what you would consider “free”. If by “free” you mean without having to spend any real-life money, then we are on the same page, and getting a key for many of the CS: GO cases, although not easy, is doable. To achieve this, all you need to do is simply play CS: GO for extended periods of time. By playing the game, you will occasionally get random CS: GO skins from Valve, so save that knife that you don’t want because even the worse skin is worth something, and those values do add up. Once you have enough skins, you can sell them and then buy that Huntsman Case key or that Spectrum Case key that you have been eyeing on Steam for the longest of times.


The article on this page will be focusing on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon cases as well as weapon case keys such as the Operation Hydra Case key or the Esports key. We will be taking a closer look at how to obtain and use these keys as well as how to buy, sell and exchange them with other members of the CS: GO and eSports community.

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