top 15 best and cheap csgo knives under $100

Top 15 Best and Cheap Knives in CS:GO under $100

June 25, 2020

As with most games, any weapon is a good weapon as long as you can use it with honor and skill. Quiet and potentially Fatal, the knife is an indispensable part of any matches in CSGO. 

Similar to its predecessor, every player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is equipped with a knife, a permanent in-game item that has a fast, low-damage primary attack and a slow, high-damage secondary attack. Although it is a free melee weapon, it has proven to be especially deadly when used in close combat situations, as well as ‘back-stabbing’. Players can choose to slash or stab their opponents, with the latter being an instant kill. However, mastering the knife requires plenty of skills and training, and is certainly not to be used for the faint-hearted. 

Due to the sophisticated skill required of this weapon, it offers the most amount of money as a reward for eliminating an opponent ($1500 in competitive mode and $750 in casual mode), thereby making it a strategic weapon during a competitive match. The monumental “Arms Deal” update in 2013 has also provided more alternatives to the base knife. Today, there are close to 20 cosmetic knives available for CSGO players. As with other CSGO weapons, players can not only pick their preferred knife for combat, but also knife skins. 

In fact, the most desirable CSGO skins are actually knife skins. Anyone who owns a cosmetic CSGO skin increases their overall outlook in the eyes of their opponents. Unfortunately, knife skins are also some of the most expensive CSGO skins around. Beautiful but expensive, CSGO knife skins cost an average of between $100 to $200, with some worth as much as the popular AWP Dragon Lore skin. Thus, it is unsurprising for many to associate expensive CSGO skins with beautiful but expensive knives. 

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Where can I get the cheapest CSGO knife?

For those who are familiar with CSGO skins, donning rare or stylish CSGO skins do not give the player any tactical advantage in the game. Not everyone is inclined to splurge on a beautiful but expensive CSGO knife skin. Luckily, it is still possible to get a cheap CSGO knife to complement your overall outfit. A knife’s CSGO skin is subject to different float values (wear and tear conditions) and rarity levels like other weapon skins, and the CSGO skin price is usually proportionate to the degrading and rarity level of the CSGO skin. Other factors include the cases which knives are normally acquired from. Eventually, obtaining a CSGO knife for a price of around $40 is still possible at third-party marketplace like Skincashier

Our editorial team over at SkinCashier has spent some time filtering out some of the cheapest csgo knives around, and is happy to share with you the ultimate quick list of the 15 cheapest yet stylish CSGO knives that you can get your hands on today. Do note that prices shown below are accurate as of the time of writing and may subject to price fluctuations:

Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh
★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh

Also known as the “Survival Bowie”, it was released in the February 17, 2016 update for Operation Wildfire and can be obtained through Operation Wildfire Case. It has a rugged finish, spray-painted using mesh fencing and cardboard cutouts as stencils. This covert CSGO skin can be purchased on third-party marketplaces from $69 (Field-Tested).

Huntsman Knife | Urban Masked
★ Huntsman Knife | Urban Masked

The Huntsman Knife was introduced as part of the May 1, 2014 update, and this skin can be obtained from Huntsman Weapon case. It has been spray-painted using a tangle of masking tape as a stencil and is an extremely rare item to obtain through case opening. If not, you can purchase one from $70 (Battle-Scarred).

Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat
★ Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat

Shadow Daggers is a very original, one-of-a-kind CSGO double knife design added in the September 18, 2015 Update, and is an extremely rare chance item received from opening a Shadow Case. The Rust Coat skin can be obtained from Spectrum and Spectrum 2 Cases. The exterior of the Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat skin has a rusted and grunge design. Also a covert weapon, it is known to be sold from $56 (Battle-Scarred).

Shadow Daggers | Ultraviolet
★ Shadow Daggers | Ultraviolet

This is another Shadow Daggers skin which can be obtained from Spectrum and Spectrum 2 cases. It has individual parts spray-painted solid colors in a black and purple color scheme. It is currently worth on third-party marketplaces for a price of $62 (Field-Tested) and above.

Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh
★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh

Next in our list is the Navaja knife series, and they are also one of the smallest and ‘dullest-looking’ CSGO knives to have existed today. It is added as part of the August 3, 2018 update along with Ursus Knife, Stiletto Knife, Talon Knife. Players can get a Navaja knife from either the Horizon or Danger Zone Case. The Safari Mesh skin has been spray-painted using mesh fencing and cardboard cutouts as stencils. Due to its dull design, it has so far commanded one of the lowest pricing on this list. Going at a price from $54 (Field-Tested), it is ideal for the budget-conscious.

Navaja Knife | Night Stripe
★ Navaja Knife | Night Stripe

This Navaja knife CSGO skin is a tad less boring than Safari Mesh, as it has a gun-metal finish, spray-painted with a tape mask pattern in a night ops color scheme. This flip knife’s CSGO skin command a highly affordable pricing of $57 (Well-Worn)

Navaja Knife | Urban Masked
★ Navaja Knife | Urban Masked

With yet another flip knife with “subtle application”, the Navaja Knife Urban Masked skin has been spray-painted using a tangle of masking tape as a stencil. It can be deemed as the close sibling of Navaja Knife Night Stripe with its aluminium-looking finish. This CSGO skin costs $72 (Field-Tested) upwards.

Navaja Knife | Scorched
★ Navaja Knife | Scorched

The last recommended cheap buy for a Navaja knife skin is the Scorched edition. It has been spray-painted in a sun-dappled pattern. Minimalists may appreciate this skin, which costs from $70 and above.

Falchion Knife | Urban Masked
Falchion Knife | Urban Masked

This is not exactly a “Falchion-able” knife, but it does have two inspection animations which is rather interesting for many. The default animation involves the player spinning the knife on his palm and inspecting it. The second rare animation has the player balancing the knife vertically on his hand for a few seconds. Cool. But not as cool as the Urban Masked skin as it has a generally glossy black finish, spray-painted using a tangle of masking tape as a stencil. You may purchase it for a price of $67 (Field-Tested), or get the Falchion Knife Urban Masked from the Falchion Case.

Falchion Knife | Forest DDPAT
Falchion Knife | Forest DDPAT

Moving on to a more colorful skin is the Falchion Knife Forest DDPAT. It is ideal for those who love camouflage patterns, Forest DDPAT is definitely a go-to skin for your game. The selling price for this CSGO skin goes from $66 (Field-Tested)

Flip Knife | Rust Coat
Flip Knife | Rust Coat

An interesting fact about the flip knife is that the design of this CSGO knife is based on the real life Benchmade 860 Bedlam® Folding Knife. It was first seen in the Alpha versions of Global Offensive as the default Terrorist knife and is later being presented as one of the five original cosmetic knives introduced in the “Arms Deal” update. The Rust Coat Flip Knife costs $80 (Battle-Scarred) upwards.

Flip Knife | Boreal Forest
Flip Knife | Boreal Forest

Another camouflaged-inspired pattern on the cheapest CSGO knife list, the Flip Knife Boreal Forest has been painted using a forest camouflage hydrographic and is perfect for jungle warfare. Players can either get this CSGO skin from over 11 cases (Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, Revolver Case, Operation Vanguard Weapon Case, CS:GO Weapon Case 3, CS:GO Weapon Case, CS:GO Weapon Case, Winter Offensive Weapon Case, Operation Bravo Case, Esports 2013 Winter Case, Esports 2014 Summer Case).

Alternatively, this CSGO skin is chargeable at a price of $69 (Well-Worn) and above, on third-party marketplaces.

Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT
Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT

Beware of the next knife as it definitely looks as frightening as the name suggests. The Gut Knife has the most notable feature of a gut hook on the spine of the blade. It is also one of the five original cosmetic knives introduced in the Arms Deal update, and is available on 11 cases like the Flip Knife. Meanwhile, the Gut Knife Forest DDPAT skin is yet another camouflaged-designed skin with a going rate from $65 (Field-Tested).

Gut Knife | Stained
★ Gut Knife | Stained

This CSGO skin is probably the most fitting of the Gut Knife. It has been given a forced patina using lemon and mustard dripped onto the surface, giving an impression that the knife has been tool used by the culprit of a recent murder. It is currently valued from $67 (Well-Worn)

Gut Knife | Urban Masked
Gut Knife | Urban Masked

Finally, we have our most horrifying knife design in our Cheapest CSGO knife list.The Gut Knife Urban Masked skin. While the skin description states “It has been spray-painted using a tangle of masking tape as a stencil”, we cannot comprehend the “simplicity” of the design. It is just a piece of metal tool that is ready to slash and stab your opponent. And the price goes from $83 (Field-Tested) for anyone that wishes for a “True power demonstrated with subtle application”.

Is it worth getting the cheapest CSGO knife?

Truth be told, the most obvious answer is no. You should only consider them if you like the design and are going to use them yourself. These knives have a low price relative to others and will complement your inventory, but you should definitely take a look at other CS:GO knife skins. If you really find them for very cheap, there may be a method through which you can actually earn on the cheapest knife in CSGO, and that is to use them in mass trade or sell CSGO skins on SkinCashier for real money and instant cashout.

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