Top CS2 Workshop Maps

Counter Strike 2 is mostly famous for its fast-paced competitive gameplay, where gamers square off on maps designed for quick, skill-intensive rounds. Ranked Counter Strike 2 can be some serious business too, with some of the biggest CS2 tournaments rewarding the winners with millions of dollars for their performance.

However, there are times, when the members of the Counter Strike community want to relax, wind down, and just enjoy the gameplay, without the ranked pressure of the enemy team breathing down their necks. Thankfully, for those who want to take a break from the standard CS2 gameplay, the game includes custom maps, where players can experience CS 2 in a completely different way!

Are you tired of Inferno or Nuke? This guide is for you! Today we’ll be looking at the most popular workshop maps currently available in CS 2!

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What Are CS2 Workshop Maps?

Although Counter Strike 2 is more commonly known for its selection of CS2 competitive maps (also known as the active duty pool), the game actually allows players to access many different fun and training maps from the Steam workshop. Although you can’t get new CS2 skins or weapon cases when you spend time playing there, you can use them to master CS2 spray patterns or your shooting accuracy in a safe environment.

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Also, if you want to switch up your standard CS2 gameplay, make sure to check out our top list of the best surf maps in the game!

How To Play CS2 Workshop Maps?

As their name suggests, CS2 workshop maps can be accessed from the Steam Workshop. The Workshop feature has been added to the Steam client in order to give players the ability to easily modify their game in any way their want. Gamers can upload a number of different projects to the Steam Workshop, including custom weapon skins, various mods, and most importantly, CS2 workshop maps.

While players can modify different aspects of the game, the Workshop feature was meant to give gamers an easy method to access player-made CS2 workshop content, that was also integrated with the Steam client. Downloading a new CS2 workshop map is easy, and can be done from the level of your Steam client. All you have to do is:

  1. Open the Steam Library
  2. Find Counter Strike 2 in your library
  3. Below the large ‘Play’ button you should see a number of different options you can click. ‘Workshop’ should be to the right, clicking it will take you to the CS2 Workshop
  4. Find the maps that interest you and select ‘Subscribe’

And that’s it! The game will automatically download the map to your client, and you can load up the CS2 workshop map when starting a custom game. Remember, you can only play CS2 workshop maps in custom games! Also, if you want to enjoy your favorite workshop maps with friends, you don’t have to worry. Once you start a custom game, simply invite other players, and their client will automatically download the CS2 workshop map from you.

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Best CS2 Workshop Maps

So, now that you know how to access CS2 workshop maps, you can try your hand at the different maps available in the game. If you’re still not sure which one to try, here are the best CS2 workshop maps you can download today, according to us here at SkinCashier:

Aim Botz

This is the quintessential map for anyone looking to practice their CS2 aim or get a feel of new crosshair settings. The Aim Botz community map is meant as a single-player practice mode, where any gamer can practice their shooting skills. The map actually features bots and a customizable environment, so that players can emulate various situations, that they’d normally encounter in competitive games. You can select different weapons, as well as try out various different features, like armor levels or bot behavior. If you’re looking for some general practice modes that will let you become a better CS 2 player, Aim Botz is what you need.

Crashz Crosshair Generator for CS2

Another training map, Crashz Crosshair Generator is easily one of the most famous CS2 workshop maps, played by newbies and pros alike. That’s because this isn’t just any map, but actually a training ground where players can try out different crosshair settings in-game. Counter Strike 2 includes a vast number of different crosshair commands, which can be entered into the CS2 developer console to significantly alter your game. With crosshair settings and codes, you can create your own customized crosshair, that will let you see more in-game. Also, Crashz includes different crosshair settings used by various pros, so you can simply copy them into your game.

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Only Up!

Although this map might be a tad too gimmicky for many players, it’s actually a great way to practice your vertical movement, whether you’re new to the game, or have a couple of years of experience behind your belt. If you’re looking for something that really switches up the standard gameplay of Counter Strike 2, Only Up! is a great choice. While it certainly looks intimidating with its amazing size and a large number of obstacles, it will certainly provide you with hours of fun, where you won’t have to shoot a single bullet. Not the usual in the Counter Strike franchise, but if you want a break from the CS2 gunplay, you should absolutely download this CS2 workshop map.


We’re closing up our list with this awesome Minecraft homage. There were many different Minecraft maps available in Garry’s Mod and other Steam games, and the Cs_minecraft_landscape custom map is an absolute treat to any amateur builders and Minecraft fanboys. The map is actually a recreation of a generic Minecraft environment, together with the classic blocky shape of voxels. If you ever wanted to try out Minecraft with guns, well, this isn’t exactly it, but it certainly comes close.

In Conlcusion

Here are just a handful of picks for the best CS2 workshop maps. While these are our suggestions, there are currently thousands of different CS2 workshop maps, so you can always browse for something you’d like. Happy hunting!

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