7 Best CSGO Retake Servers in 2022

best csgo retake servers

CSGO Retake servers focus on only one goal – the bomb sites. This mode was introduced to the shooter alongside the Operation Broken Fang update. In CSGO retake servers, you start the round with a bomb already planted and ticking. It is your goal to either let it blow or defuse it, depending on which team you decide to join. 

If you want to know more about this mode and how to play it, keep reading.

CSGO retake

What Are Retake Servers in CS:GO?

CSGO retake servers are part of another game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive located inside the War Games category. It’s called “Retakes”. This type of game server features matches where Terrorists have to defend a planted bomb from the Counter-Terrorists. It’s a heated battle where the bomb is the only priority.

Unlike CSGO community servers or official servers, retake CS GO servers don’t focus as much on kills. Sure, killing your opponents is a goal. However, here the bomb is more important. If you’re a Terrorist, the bomb must go off. If you are a CT, you must defuse it and save everyone.

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How to Join Retake Servers CSGO?

Joining retake CSGO servers is easy. Launch the game, go to the game modes panel, click on War Games, and select Retakes. It should be the last game mode from the row. Then, start finding a match and wait for the game to find a retake server.

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On the other hand, there is another way to join Retake servers in CSGO. Most people seem to prefer this method. This method gives you tons more servers to choose from.

The first thing you have to do is open up your browser and type “CSGO Retake servers”. Usually, the first site that will show up is gametracker.com. It’s an online directory with all types of servers for CSGO and a dozen other games.

Once you click on this link, you will see hundreds. The next step is to copy the IP next to the server you want to join.

cs go retake servers

Finally, go back to CSGO and launch this server from the console panel. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s simple. Just open the command console, type connect and paste the server IP next to it. Then, just hit Enter. You will join the server.

How Do You Retake CS:GO?

Before getting extremely good at CS Retakes, you must understand this game mode and practice daily. Let’s explore some of the most critical facts you need to know. Then, we will dive into some tips that will improve your gameplay with Retake CS.

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Curious facts about the game mode:

  • The T Side has three players. And the Counter-Terrorist Team has 4.
  • The match is won by the team that wins eight rounds first.
  • Loadout cards will decide which weapons and equipment each player will have at the start of the pistol round and all other rounds.
  • There are still two bombsites on all maps available in Retake.
  • The weapons and equipment you get will not be carried with you from the previous games to the next round.
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Several tips will make you better at CS Retakes.

  • Make sure to save your utility and take full advantage of it when retaking.
  • Remember, the CT Side has more players than the T Side. Use this to your advantage and swarm the enemy. Don’t go one by one and don’t group up all at the same spot.
  • If you can’t communicate with a teammate, it’s better to stick close to them and be in a position where you help out with a frag or just provide support. Don’t separate just because they aren’t communicating. You still need to win!

What Happened to CS:GO Retakes?

CSGO Retakes is still a popular game mode within the Counter-Strike community. It offers a good game that anyone can enjoy if they want a break from competitive matchmaking.

After its initial release in 2020, Valve decided to keep this game mode for good. Now, you get to enjoy plenty of fun on a CSGO map that is solely focused on bomb plants. The matches are quick, exciting, and fair. In fact, by removing the buy menu, all players rely simply on the weapon and equipment cards they are dealt.

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Final Verdict 

If CSGO competitive matches aren’t exciting enough for you anymore, it is highly suggested that you try the Retake CS GO mode. It’s more fast-paced. It is more adrenaline-filled. And it offers immediate action as soon as the round starts.

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