5 Ways to Reduce Lags and Lower Ping in CS:GO

reduce lags in csgo

A low ping and a stable internet connection is a must-have for dynamic games, and even more so for an FPS like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. If your internet connection is poor, you may experience so-called lags, which will negatively affect your skills because your opponents will simply be faster and you’ll see laggy gameplay. Check out our proven ways to reduce your ping and remove lags in CS:GO!

1. Restart your router

This advice may seem funny, but it is as true as it can be. A router is a device that works continuously in our home all the time broadcasting internet over WiFi or cable. Sometimes the simplest methods such as turning the device off and back on can take the strain off the network and make the router run more efficiently.

Remember to wait about 10-15 seconds after turning the equipment off so that it is completely drained of power flowing through the cable.

2. Use cable internet

If you are using a laptop or computer with a WiFi enabled network card then you can test connecting to the router with a cable. A wireless network has the ability to be interfered with by many things such as a television, refrigerator, or other appliances that we may find in the house. The biggest obstacle for the transmitter are also thick walls, which effectively reduce the signal strength, which you can feel during the game, where the lowest possible ping is most desirable.

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Every router has the possibility of connecting to it with a LAN cable and your laptop or computer should also have such a socket. If you are experiencing lag through using a wireless network, try connecting to the router with a cable.

3. Check applications running in the background

Background apps have it that they can sometimes start updating unexpectedly, which will take up a large portion of your transfer. We’re talking about Windows, for example, which, while you’re playing a game, may say that it’s going to download a few gigabyte update without informing you. Also, if you are playing a video on Netflix, Youtube or streaming on Twitch, 720-1080p video quality can be very slow, causing lag and an uncomfortable CS:GO experience.

4. Test your internet with Speedtest

This is a very important point because your internet may have problems that are localized to your provider. With the Speedtest by Ookla tool, you can check in a few seconds what is the performance of your internet.

If you notice that your connection does not reach the speed that you have written in your contract with your internet provider, then you can contact him about it, because apparently there is some technical problem that you cannot solve on your own.

5. Disable antivirus and firewall

There are times when an antivirus and its firewall may be to blame for lags and lag in CS:GO. Try disabling them in the settings of your antivirus software and test your in-game ping. If nothing changes, don’t forget to turn your antivirus back on.

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What is a ping?

A ping is a term for the time it takes to send information between your PC and the server. The bigger the ping, the later you will naturally see everything, because there is a delay between you and the server, which in many cases can be very noticeable. List of signs that your in-game ping is too high:

  • your enemies teleport, you don’t see them walking or running smoothly
  • you receive a message from CS:GO that you are having a connection problem
  • you experience delays with any in-game action, you can’t even buy items in the store

What is a good ping in CS:GO?

As low as possible! That’s a pretty laconic answer, but it’s the truth. CS:GO is a First Person Shooter game, which makes it very dynamic, and we have to react quickly to the actions of both our allies and our enemies. The lower the ping, the more control we have over the game because we can see the entire game in real time. We know from experience that a good ping in CS:GO is under 30-40, because a ping this low in latency is imperceptible to us, so the gameplay is very smooth.

Note that ping can also be higher when you’re connecting to another server that is far away from you, but current game server technology often reduces this issue, but it can sometimes increase lag slightly.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How to show ping in CS:GO?

You can do this in two ways: on the scoreboard (the TAB key on your keyboard) your current ping is shown next to your name. The second way is to use the net_graph 1 command, which will display your ping.

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Are ping reducers software work?

They may or may not work. It is best to test such solutions yourself. Ping reducers work by connecting you to the server that is closest to you, which can reduce your lags in the game.

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