Your CSGO Accept Button Doesn’t Show? – Fix it Now!

csgo accept button doesnt show

After a long working day, you sit down on your PC and decide to play some matches at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The next thing you see on your screen after running the shooter is a ‘confirming match’ notification. But the CSGO accept button doesn’t show.

Above mentioned comment notified you that the match is live, but you failed to accept it. It is a recurrent Steam bug that has been around almost since the release of CSGO. Moreover, it is very annoying, and players report that you might wait 10-15 minutes to get a match.

So, to get rid of it, we made a tutorial on why the CSGO accept button doesn’t show and how to fix it in matchmaking.

Counter Strike control panel

Why is the CSGO Matchmaking “accept” Button not Popping up?

The CSGO matchmaking ‘accept’ button doesn’t pop up due to a common bug that occurs often. It is a repetitive problem for many gamers. Some think the update for Steam Datagram Relays seems to be the problem. Others say it is a network issue, but we are not sure.

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How to Fix No ACCEPT Button in MM?

Having encountered the same fault in MM that everyone else has, where the “Confirming Match” message would appear. Still, no accept button would appear, removing the player from the queue. We altered some networking options using console commands, which resolved the issue. As of late, we have consistently found a match within 5 minutes on NA East without being booted.

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We have two different solutions for you for this problem:

Game Files Verification

When you get the “Failed to connect to match” message in CSGO, this is the first thing you should try. Many others have succeeded with this approach, and we hope it’s the same for you.

  1. Double-click Steam’s Desktop icon or look for it in the Windows Start menu to launch the program. Users of Windows 10 may also use Cortana or the search bar located just to the right of the Start menu to find it.
  2. To access CSGO, go to the Library tab at the top of the Steam window and choose it from the list of titles you have installed.
  3. To access the game’s settings, choose Properties from the context menu that appears after right-clicking the game’s icon in the list. Click the Local Files button in the main menu.
  4. You can check the game files by selecting the Verify Integrity of Game Files button at the bottom of the window. After running the utility to replace any damaged or missing data, try starting the game and seeing whether you can join the match.

Preferred DNS server.

Command Console Commands

Then, at the console, type in these instructions:

  • net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override -1
  • net_steamcnx_allowrelay 0
  • net_steamcnx_enabled 2
  • mm_session_search_qos_timeout 3

Keep in mind that none of these is cheat protected (i.e., altering these settings is permitted by Valve and will not result in a ban). Instead, they instruct Steam to avoid using the updated “steam datagrams” or any additional relays when establishing a connection to your Matchmaking server.

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You might see “Confirming Match” appear and vanish from 1-5 times before the accept button appears, depending on how near you are to the server in question.

The most recent CSGO upgrades from Valve to utilize Steam Datagram Relays (SDR) rather than straight UDP are the source of most players’ issues, rather than the user interface.

What Does the Community Think?

This common problem is undoubtedly a big nuisance for the whole Community. Most of the commentaries we encountered on numerous Counter Strike blogs and Reddit posts were that the Game cache verification method made their problem disappear. It was just a matter of verifying the game files and restarting the game itself.

Counter Strike Community

However, many users have tried the first method, which didn’t help. Most of them then changed the Command Console Commands, which worked for almost every user. Still, several of them reported that the problem had occurred again just a few days later.

There is no surefire way to fix this problem, but chances are high. One of the two methods described above will do the trick for you.

Final Verdict

These sorts of bugs are common and require much patience and focus to be solved. Players need to regularly check every online blog and the official one from CSŁGO for any fixes. We suggest that players do not attempt to change any of the system settings in the steam app since it just might be a cause of a problem.

Although it does not guarantee success, uninstalling the game with all its files and reinstalling. The latter was a remedy for a small portion of the players affected by this problem, but it worked for some, so give it a try. If, by any chance, you’ve tried out a different method that worked for you, please share it with us.

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