Gamer’s Guide: What Are CSGO New Maps?

In CSGO, new maps aren’t a common phenomenon. But many players dream about that. However, 2022 is the year when Valve decided to introduce a whole bunch of new maps to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It took place right after the conclusion of Operation Riptide.

So, if you’re excited to know more about CSGO new maps added this year, this guide will reveal all the juicy details.

What Are the Maps in CS:GO?

CSGO features a wide variety of different game modes. Each map is devoted to at least one of those game modes. For example, there are competitive maps, Wingman maps, and CSGO Danger Zone maps.

The most popular maps currently are MirageInferno, and de-dust2. The official list of all CSGO maps features seven maps in the Active Duty Map pool, four maps in the Reserve pool, and 5 Hostage Rescue maps. There are plenty more official and community maps in CSGO, of course.

Will CSGO Get New Maps?

Yes, in fact, we did review several new CSGO maps in 2022. The most notable of those maps came from the Steam workshop.

New CSGO Competitive Maps

The two new maps released for CSGO Competitive are called Iris and Climb.


iris csgo New map

It gives off post-industrial vibes. Iris map CS GO appears as a brighter and less polished version of Train. Moreover, it features a well-designed structure with plenty of opportunities for game-changing rotations. The map also features diverse areas and easy-to-remember callout locations.

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climb new map csgo

On the other hand, Climb sees more action indoors and is a more modern-style CSGO map. It takes place in what seems to be an indoor wall climbing arena. There are countless places to hide and ambush your enemy. However, there are also plenty of open spaces where it’s easy to get picked off.

New CSGO Wingman Maps

The CSGO Wingman Mode also received two fresh maps. They’re called Crete and Hive.


crete csgo map 2022

It is a simple map that’s easy to memorize. It’s a Counter-Strike Global Offensive map most players will love playing on. However, if you prefer more complex and bigger maps, then maybe it’s not for you.


hive csgo map

It is another indoor CSGO map. Hive is characterized by a staggering amount of hexagonal honeycomb-shaped structures. On the other hand, it is completely different from Crete. Hive is dark, closed, and offers a wide variety of exposed areas where it could be tricky to stay alive.

New Danger Zone Maps in CSGO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Valve didn’t forget all the battle royale fans. As a result, their Danger Zone mode also received two new maps, Vineyard and Ember.

The Vineyard

csgo map new

It is an old-fashioned style map taking place in a countryside vineyard in Italy. This map can switch up the Danger Zone style of play. It’s more exposed and simple, allowing for new strategies and the possibility of different weapons becoming more popular in this CS:GO mode.


ember csgo skin

Its overall design will undoubtedly set the scene for some epic fights with lots of looting and shooting. These things happen on a deserted volcano island where the sun doesn’t even shine. The skies are cloudy. The terrain is not ideal for walking, let alone engaging in a shootout.

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Is Tuscan CSGO a New Map?

Tuscan is another new map in CS:GO. It was released on 16th August 2022. The map’s creators are known as brute and cat food. The updated version is already in the Steam workshop, waiting to offer you plenty of fun.

What’s interesting about this map is its remake and attempt to be re-added to CSGO started way back in 2020. Finally, a polished version was introduced to the game this year.

csgo locations 2022

The original version of this map is back to 2007. It’s a bomb defusal map. It’s currently a part of the official active map pool in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In terms of design, the scene is set in a warm and sunny seaside town. There are quite a few exciting backstories about small but crucial elements on the map.

When was the Last Map Added to CSGO?

The last map added to CSGO so far was in August 2022. Three new maps appeared in the Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch modes. The maps we’re talking about are Tuscan, Breach, and Anubis.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that these aren’t the only maps added to CSGO that year. Six other maps also found their way to CSGO in February 2022.

Which Map is Best in CSGO?

In terms of balance, the map that has shown the best performance in CSGO is:

  • Inferno, 
  • Dust II, 
  • Cache, 
  • Mirage, 
  • and Vertigo. 

However, it’s difficult to say that these are the best maps in the game. If we look at popularity, the most played CSGO maps in recent months have been Mirage, Inferno, and Dust II.

Considering most players are on the same page about this, it would be safe to say that Mirage is among the best maps in CSGO at this particular time. However, this is still quite relative and is not the same for every CS GO player.

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Learn New CSGO Maps

Best Way to Learn New CS:GO Maps

Learning a new map in CSGO comes down to memorizing critical areas on that map. If you did so, you could predict where you’re most likely to meet an enemy.

To do this, you can use a couple of commands to quickly progress and learn a new map as fast as possible. It will significantly improve your gameplay at some point after a bit of practice.

  • First off, load the map you want to learn in a practice bot match
  • Enable the Developer Console if you haven’t and type in the command: “bind u noclip”. This way, you can toggle the noclip command every time you press “u” on your keyboard
  • Fly around the map to get an understanding of its structure and memorize the pathways
  • Then, open the console and type in: “bot_show_battlefront 1”. It will highlight all the areas where you are most likely to come across any enemies. It’s very effective and perfect for beginners to learn where to go and how to catch enemies off guard.
  • Play as much as you can of that map on public CSGO servers before going competitive. It minimizes risk and gives you the freedom to learn all CS GO callouts.

Final Verdict

There’s nothing more exciting for a CSGO player than the thrill of learning a new map. Getting rare and valuable CSGO skins might be a bit more exciting. But still, hopefully, this guide was able to explain all you needed to know about the CSGO new maps. Now, go ahead. And practice until you become an early pro on all of them.

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