The Best 6 Halloween Skins in CS:GO

best halloween skins csgo

Darkness, ominous decorations, and jack o’lanterns… That’s right. Halloween has arrived, and people all over the world are celebrating it. Even though most video games have unique Halloween events, CSGO is not one such game. As a result, the popular shooter does contain dedicated Halloween skins and themed items.

However, those who wish to get into the Halloween spirit should read our today’s review. It contains the custom collection of the best CSGO Halloween skins. Check selected designs and prices to top up your CSGO inventory with the most lovely ones.

1. M4A1-S | Nightmare

The M4A1-S Nightmare skin was added to the game in August 2018. The item depicts a nightmarish nocturnal creature surrounded by darkness, which makes it a perfect entry for this list.

This spooky design is a part of the Horizon Case and is available in all five exteriors, including the StatTrak variants. Its price could reach up to $100 depending on the exterior.

Overall, the Nightmare M4A1-S skin is perfect for anyone who wishes to give their enemies a scare along with a headshot, don’t look at it too close. You might accidentally scare yourself.

M4A1 S Nightmare CSGO

  • Flavor Text: Next time set an alarm
  • Lowest Steam price: $7.61
  • Drops From Case: Horizon Case
  • First Added: 3 August 2018

2. P90 | Grim

The P90 Grim skin is a Mil-Spec SMG and is a part of the Double Exposure update. It depicts a bunch of green spectres that seem to be controlled by a skeleton that resembles a Grim Reaper, hence the name.

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The spine-chilling skin is dropable from the Gamma 2 Case. And it comes in every single version available.

The P90 Grim perfectly fits the frightening atmosphere of Halloween. Moreover, it is one of the cheaper skins on the list. It has never reached the price range of $5.

P90 Grim CSGO

  • Flavor Text: Imogen… are you selling me a gun or a velvet poster? – Rona Sabri, Rising Star
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.11
  • Drops From Case: Gamma 2 Case
  • First Added: 19 August 2016

3. MAC-10 | Curse

Many stories about various cursed objects are happening during Halloween, so why not reflect that with the MAC-10 Curse skin?

Added to the game during the Hunt Begins update in May 2014, the Curse skin features an image of a cursed mummy on its side over a black background.

This restricted SMG is available in all five exteriors and their StatTrak variants. Players who wish to get their hands on this skin can purchase it for anywhere between $5 and $10.

MAC 10 Curse CSGO

  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $4.81
  • Drops From Case: The Huntsman Collection
  • First Added: 1 May 2014

4. M4A4 | Hellfire

The M4A4 Hellfire is among the new Halloween-themed skins compared to other entries on the list. It features a scary devilish creature with a wicked facial expression and sharp teeth surrounded by fire and chains. A perfect fit for the Halloween event.

The skin was added to the game during the Operation Hydra update and is available in all exteriors, including the StatTrak versions. Those who wish to obtain this skin befitting of the October spooky season can buy it at the TOP skin trading website.

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In terms of value, the M4A4 Hellfire price varies between $35 and $110.

M4A4 Hellfire Skins CSGO

  • Flavor Text: And brim pebbles
  • Lowest Steam price: $34.28
  • Drops From Case: Operation Hydra Case
  • First Added: 24 May 2017

5. M4A1-S | Hyper Beast

The M4A1-S Hyper Beast appeared at CSGO in April 2015. It is a part of the Chromatic Scale update. This skin perfectly fits the Halloween theme by depicting a furious beastly creature painted in psychedelic colors.

Obtainable from the Chroma 2 Case, the Hyper Beast comes in all exteriors and StatTrak versions. You can buy CSGO skins for cash, including Hyper Beast from $10 to $400.

M4A1 S Hyper Beast CSGO

  • Flavor Text: You really want to impress me, Booth? Make this black light sensitive – Rona Sabri, Rising Star
  • Lowest Steam price: $13.20
  • Drops From Case: Chroma 2 Case
  • First Added: 15 April 2015

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6. USP-S | Kill Confirmed

The USP-S Kill Confirmed is one of the most legendary skins for Halloween. It was added to the game in 2015 during the Shadow Boxing update. This creepy covert pistol comes in all five exteriors and their StatTrak versions.

The design features a skull with a bullet going through the side of its head. The blood splattered all over the background. Players can obtain the Kill Confirmed skin by opening the Shadow Case and depending on the exterior quality of the skin. You can buy it for between $40 and $900.

USP S Kill Confirmed CSGO

  • Flavor Text: 2 in the chest, 1 in the head
  • Lowest Steam price: $38.09
  • Drops From Case: Shadow Case
  • First Added: 17 September 2015
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How to Get Halloween Skins CS GO?

If you are on the market to purchase new skins in celebration of Halloween, there are a few different options at your disposal.

The simplest and most obvious solution would be to play the game and hope you receive one of the Halloween skins as a random reward. However, this is not the best option. Because you will need to wait for an item to drop, and even when it does, it is always a surprise.

If you are not a fan of waiting and wish to get your hands on a specific Haloween skin, then your best bet would be to purchase it from the official Steam Market or one of many third-party websites.

Final Verdict

We prepare a list of the scariest Halloween skins in CS GO. If you are too old to go shopping for costumes, why not celebrate Halloween night by creating a threatening atmosphere in CS:GO? You can equip yourselves with the top Halloween skins from our review and show your enemies how fearsome you can be online.

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