Best Cosmetic Items for TF2 Spy

Are you clever and cunning? Is your favorite pastime activity outsmarting everyone? Then you’re at the right adress. Spy is the perfect TF2 class for all players who love strategizing and stealth attacks. If you’re yet to give him a try, you’re in for a real treat, as this is one of the top characters in the entire franchise. And what’s better than a fresh new start with a brand new class and a brand new set os cosmetic items?

Here is our list of the best TF2 Spy cosmetics.

All About the Spy in Team Fortress 2

Before we go into the best Spy cosmetic items, it’s worth explaining about what this character really is, and who is it perfect for (although, to be fair, we’ve covered that part in the first two sentences of the article).

The Spy can be both your favorite character and your worst nightmare in Team Fortress 2. In fact, this class has the power to single-handedly determine the outcome of pretty much any game. Therefore, it’s crucial that if you want to play it, you’re REALLY good at it.

And why?

Well, despite being part of the Support category, he actually plays a very important role during a match, which means that a lot depends on him. Thanks to his disguise abilities, he is able to infiltrate the enemy walls and kill one player after another without raising any alarms (if you play your cards right, of course). The infamous Invis-Watch and spy’s cloaking ability enable him to move around the map unseen, as well as to impersonate any player on the opposing team. The combination of these two abilities transforms him into a silent killer who can be a great addition to any strategy.

As for the basic stats of the Spy, we wouldn’t worry so much, because the most important thing when playing that particular class is the strategy and the ability to use his abilities well. However, if you are interested in the numbers, his health is 125 and his speed is 107%, which puts him in the middle of the pack in both categories.

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Top 10 Spy Cosmetics in Team Fortress 2

Here you will find a list of our favorite cosmetic items for TF2 Heavy. Remember, if you are short of funds for new in-game objects, you can sell your old items on SkinCashier for quick cash. What’s more, this way you’ll also make some extra room in your collection.

Le Party Phantom

If you like old-school vibes, this item is perfect for you. After all, what’s better for a spy than a classic masque from a real masquerade ball? Of course, there’s a chance that if you ditch the cape and only use this piece, it won’t work all that well for you. Nevertheless, it’s a great part of the outfit that will give you an elegant touch when you’re knocking out enemies on the maps.


Many cosmetic items in Team Fortress 2 are actually small companions that sit on a character’s shoulders. They are usually birds, however, clearly that would be too obvious for a spy. That’s why his pet is not a parrot or toucan, but a cute baby crab that is smoking a tiny cigarette. It may be a rather strange object, but we love it anyway!

Napoleon Complex

Are you a fan of history? Or maybe Napoleon is your idol? If so, this hat is perfect for you. Of course, we do not want to offend anyone. After all, complexes are perfectly normal. That said, if you already have them, you can use them as an excuse to wear this unearthly cap of the famous French emperor. Of course, this is not exactly a typical part of a spy’s clothing, but you have to admit that it looks great!

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Magistrate’s Muller

Continuing the theme of vintage-looking objects, we present Magistrate’s Mullet, a gorgeous white wig worthy of any judge. Admittedly, we don’t know why exactly it was chosen specifically as an item for Spy, but it’s hard to deny that it is truly original. If part of your strategy is to throw your enemies off the trail (and potentially deliver punishment), then be sure to stock up on this headpiece.

Crabe de Chapeau

If you decide to buy the plush crab we mentioned above, there is an item that will go perfectly with it, namely Crabe de Chapeau. This is a really cute hat that will not only protect your ears from the cold (despite the fact that the spy always has a mask on them anyway), but in addition will scare all your enemies thanks to its sharp pincers. It may not be the most “tough” looking item in the game, but we still think it’s great!

Belgian Detective

Well, and this is an item worthy of any detective! After all, everyone knows that the best disguise is a pointy mustache and a stylish hat. So, if you don’t want to mess around with any fancy invis-watches or these kinds of gadgets, then be sure to stock up on this object. Maybe it won’t be as effective, but one thing is sure: everyone on the map will know that they are dealing with a spy (although we’re not sure that this is the point exactly).

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Halloween is, of course, every Spy’s favorite holiday, as its purpose is to hide one’s true identity. Well, what better way to do that than to borrow someone’s face? LITERALLY. Facepeeler is a limited edition object released specifically for the scariest day of the year. If you like that kind of chilling atmosphere, be sure to look out for more special Team Fortress events. The developers of this game love to add similar spooky items to the Mann. Co. Store.

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Spectre’s Spectacles

Who doesn’t love a good pair of spectacles? Well, we certainly do! That’s why we love this particular item from Team Fortress 2, particularly when Spy is wearing them. Somehow they just fit his persona, which is why we think anyone planning to start their journey with this class should equip themselves with a pair of these. They may not make you look smarter, but they will certainly add a touch of style!

Dashin’ Hashshashin

Assasin’s Creed is a great game (at least the first three), so when Team Fortress 2 entered into a small partnership with Ubisoft, the gaming community went wild. Especially when everyone saw Dashin’ Hashshashin (yes, we love that name too) for the first time. This Enzo-inspired cloak is a true masterpiece worthy of only the best camouflage masters. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition, but you might be able to still snag it through resale if you search well enough online.

Festive Cover-Up

Of course, our list couldn’t do without some solid festive options, so for our last item we present the Festive Cover-Up. This object is the perfect option for December, just before Christmas, when TF2 is full of characters running around in various Santa-like outfits. Admittedly, Spy doesn’t have many red garments to choose from, but this Christmas tree makes up for it. Truth be told, it’s one of our favorite holiday-themed items in Team Fortress.


As you can see Team Fortress 2 is full of great cosmetics for the Spy, so if you want to give this master of disguise a try, there is nothing stopping you. Read our article and then go straight to Mann. Co Store to stock up on your favorite items from our list. Remember, too, that on SkinCashier you can sell old TF2 items for quick money, so you can finance your new collection.

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