What Is The New Steam Trade Lock Update?

Last Month, Valve has introduced a significant change to Counter Strike 2, the new Steam trading update, which has had an impact on the trading process for all Steam users. In the latest update, the developers of Counter Strike 2 have made a decision to introduce some changes to the Steam lock feature.

What are the changes to Steam trading, and can you still sell CS2 skins at SkinCashier? We’re here to answer all of your questions and dispel any doubts!

What Are The Changes To The Steam Trade Lock?

Steam lock is a special feature, introduced by Valve to the Steam platform, intended to prevent Steam item scams. When you trade items with other players or buy or sell CS2 skins on the Steam community market, these items will be trade-locked in your inventory for a specified period of time. This means that other players and CS2 trading bots won’t be able to see these items in your inventory, and you won’t be able to conduct trades with these items. You also won’t be able to list them on the Steam market, or any other third-party website that allows you to buy or sell CS2 skins.

So, what are the changes introduced to the game? With the last update, the trade lock period has been exchanged from seven to ten days. This means that any item you get from other players or the Steam community market cannot be traded for a period of ten days after it arrives in your Steam inventory.

Can You Still Sell CS2 Skins At SkinCashier?

If you’re wondering how the new Steam lock update will affect trading features, you’ll be happy to know that you can still sell CS2 skins, as well as items for other Steam games with SkinCashier! However, remember that this update has significantly affected all Steam trading, which means that you will have to wait longer to sell CS2 skins that you trade from other players or the community market.

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At the moment, you will have to wait ten days after you’ve purchased a skin in order to sell it on SkinCashier. And while this means that it will take slightly longer to receive your money when you sell CS2 skins to SkinCashier, it remains and efficient and safe way to sell CS2 skins, and instantly cash out your inventory!

In Conclusion

Although many players got slightly worried when they heard CS2 developers will be introducing changes to trading, you have nothing to fear! You can still buy, trade, and sell CS2 skins, just like you did in the past, so, if you want to turn some of your CS2 skins into real money, make sure to check out the rest of our website!

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