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Weapon skins and CS2 stickers are all the rage when it comes to virtual items, and players who sell CS2 skins often make outrageous amounts of money. Collectors regularly demand insane sums for some of the most expensive Knife skins in CS2, but they still find buyers, which is clear evidence that these aren’t unreasonable price tags.

Weapons, knives, and glove skins play an important role in the game, but many gamers tend to forget that CS2 offers more cosmetics, outside the usual weapon skin and glove combination. CS2 agent skins are often forgotten, which is a shame, considering how awesome every agent skin looks. So, what are CS2 agents and what are the best agents CSGO and CS2 have to offer? Keep reading to find out!

What Are CS2 Agents?

Back in 2019 the update Operation: Shattered Web was one of the biggest patches ever added to the game, introducing many new features, among others the first agent skins. Shattered Web Agents Collection introduced the first agent skins in the game, and their collection eventually expanded over the years.

Unlike weapons or gloves, an agent skin changes you entire character model, replacing it with one of the exceptional agents from the Counter Strike universe. Agent skins replace your CS2 viewmodel with one of the characters from the CS2 lore, making them a great choice for any of the fans of the highly underappreciated world of Counter Strike 2. The superior agents that players can equip feature a number of named Counter-Terrorists, as well as the bad guys from the Terrorist Team. When you have an agent skin equipped, your character will spawn as the selected agent, instead of the map’s variant of the character model. There are many different agent skins to choose from, with many of them representing different police units or terrorist organizations, so anyone who wants a radical overhaul of their looks will find a lot to choose from.

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What Are The Best Agent Skins In CS2?

Looking to find the best agent skin for your loadout? Look no further, here are some of the master agents you can choose from:

The ‘Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre

One of the leaders of Sabre, Romanov is a great pick for those who really want to feel stylish in the game. Although his looks might be a surprising choice for any kind of battlefield, Romanov is definitely the best-dressed agent in the game, combining business looks with casual elegance. His stunning fur coat makes him the perfect choice for anyone who wants to flaunt their swag in the game, and you can improve your gaming experience with this master agent skin for less than three dollars!

  • Price: $2.19

Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC

One of the first agents added to the game, Lt. Commander Ricksaw is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to lead in a match. Legendary leader of the SEAL team, Ricksaw has been a thorn in the side of many master agents on the Terrorist side. His agent model features a realistic military look and looks great when combined with darker weapon skins for a realistic loadout.

  • Price: $4.13

Special Agent Ava | FBI

The FBI is one of the most popular real-life units, responsible for federal order and safety. It even has its own weapon skin in CS2, MP5-SD Agent. Its distinguished agents are often used in situations that threaten federal safety, and generally speaking, deployment of the FBI is not a light decision. However, as you’re probably aware, most of the stations that take place on CS2 maps are matters of national safety, and the FBI definitely has a role to play there, making Special Agent Ava a great choice for a CT skin.

  • Price: $4.69
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Sir Bloody Miami Darryl | The Professionals

A classic Terrorist-side agent, Sir Bloody Miami Darryl is one of the most expensive CS2 agent skins available in the game, which shouldn’t be very surprising, considering his awesome looks. Sir Bloody Darryl is a ruthless killer and one of the biggest enemies of the Counter Terrorist team in the entire game. He’s a notorious criminal, and his signature hockey mask gives him a cool, edgy look, perfect for those who want to feel a bit deadlier in the game. Unlike most other agents, however, he’s relatively expensive. If you want a Sir Bloody Miami Darryl of yours, get ready to spend over seventy dollars in the Steam market.

  • Price: $74.16

Prof. Shahmat | Elite Crew

One of the most classic CS2 agent skins, Prof. Shahmat is tied to the events leading up to what’s happening in the Dust 2 map, making him one of the most iconic terrorists in the entire game. An arab revolutionary, Shahmat found his university students not as radical as he had hoped, and in turn, has decided to focus on terrorism. If you’re a fan of Dust 2, this agent skin is an absolute must-have, especially considering its low price.

  • Price: $0.54

In Conclusion

That about wraps up our selection of the best agents in CS2. If you liked this list, make sure to check out the rest of our blog, where we regularly post more tips, tricks and CS2 guides.

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