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CS:GO Wallpapers for Desktop & Mobile

Updated: August 8, 2022

If you are a big fan of Counter Strike: Global Offensive then wallpapers with the game theme are for you! We’ve put together the best wallpapers we could find on the Internet in two formats: for computers and for phones. All these backgrounds are in high quality, so they will look great on any display resolution.

How to Set New CSGO Wallpaper on Your Computer?

On Windows


The Best CS:GO Desktop Wallpapers

To download any of the CS:GO wallpapers that are displayed below, just click the white download icon. This will automatically start the download of the wallpaper in the highest possible quality.

CS:GO Wallpapers for Mobile

We recommend that you send yourself wallpaper via email rather than using Messenger, for example, as it can severely lower the quality of the graphics.

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