Top 5 Tips and Tricks for CS:GO Beginners

best tips for csgo begginers

Gain some valuable CSGO tips that will help you excel in the long-standing definitive competitive shooter of terrorists and counter-terrorists

Take a moment, head over to the search engine and look up the best esports game. Chances are that CSGO should appear at the top of the search result. Ever since the sequel to the popular first-person shooter Counter Strike came to light in 2012, the game has maintained its position as one of the top esports games in the world. Over time, the successful game title has amassed a huge following in the global gaming community with regular improvements such as the great “Arms Deal” update, which subsequently spurred a lucrative weapon skins market, and countless events annually. In spite of the ongoing pandemic that has plagued the world even until today, the show goes on for top-tiered tournaments such as IEM Katowice 2020, DreamHack Anaheim and ESL One Rio de Janeiro and Cologne.

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Earlier in March this year, when the world saw a series of lockdowns, the situation did not deter more than 20 million new and better players logging into the game, breaking the record on Steam client for the most number of concurrent users accessing the game play in a 24-hour timespan. With a game that offers a great experience from exciting firefights to an extensive CSGO skins economy made available to players, it is not surprising to expect further growth in new players participating in one of the most successful game titles in history.

Thus, our team at SkinCashier have created this simplified crash course for those who are new to the highly popular first person shooter game play, with several valuable insights and tips for CS GO to get yourself ready for the next major action.

An introduction to CS:GO

Before we begin with our CS GO tips, let us briefly walk you through the essence of the game. Simply put, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a game where players play the role either as Terrorists (T) or Counter-Terrorists (CT). After the “Arms Deal ” update was released in August 2013, players can now purchase their favorite weapon skins for favorite guns, knives and even gloves to match their in-game mood/personalities, with hundreds of weapon skins collection to choose from in the Steam Market. Additionally, you can sell these skins at third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier for a good amount of profile.

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There are two main types of game modes (Hostage rescue and Plant the bomb missions) in Counter Strike: Global Offensive that require different strategies. Others such as Wingman, Arms Race, Deathmatch, Demolition and Weapons experts exist to not only give you more options, but they also exist to offer players a chance to refine their game play through these game modes.

In competitive matches, however, Bomb defusal maps are often chosen instead for their complexity and strategic play required in the game. Players have one life per round and their goal is to eliminate all five opponents within the allocated time limit, or sixty-five seconds to be exact. Depending on the player’s preference, those who play T-side would have to devise a plan to get the bomb on either A or B sites, and successfully defend, plant the bomb and detonate it. Meanwhile, CT-side will aim to defend bombsites or to defuse the planted bomb before it detonates. Failure of which, the team would lose the round.

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Apart from map strategies and objectives, the player would also be allowed to pick their weapon of choice that could assist them in any given match, or get a weapon that they are most experienced with. There is also an in-game economy system where players would be awarded with monies for them to upgrade their weapons. The reward is given based on the number of kills and other tactical factors such as successful planting of a bomb, rescuing a hostage and more.

Five Tips for CS:GO to get started as a newcomer

One of the main reasons that successful games like CS:GO enjoy such an immense popularity is not solely attributed to its genre. It is the level of complexity and strategies that make the game’s ecosystem so appealing to gamers. There is never a dull moment when playing the game. So, before you begin, let us share the top five CSGO tricks which have proven to be beneficial to every new player in the game series.

1. Experiment and identify your role

Unlike other online shooters where the only objective is to eliminate your opponents and attain the highest number of kills, CS:GO differs by its extraordinary depth of its gameplay and teamwork. Because of the comprehensive list of tactics and strategies, every player in the team plays a different role, namely entry fragger, sniper (or AWPer), rifler, lurker and team lead. Hence, the game relies a lot on trial-and-error, and it is advisable for you to try on various roles. Over time, you will craft out a niche on your end and will be able to contribute as a formidable AWPer, rifler or even the leader at any given time.

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2. Research on the weapon that suits you the most

Earlier in this article, we have shared on the wide range of weapons that you can get in the match. Each weapon is priced differently and can be achieved as you earn more in-game cash further into the match. Therefore, you should spend some time playing multiple matches and test different weapons before you shortlist those that you are most comfortable using at later stages of your gameplay. Alternatively, you may watch the best players and teams and research on how they play with various weapons, when they buy them and other essential information. Since there are many maps and game modes found in CS:GO, there is no one-size-fits-all weaponry in the game. As you get more exposure to different weapons, you will eventually know what fits best for each map and strategy.

3. Plan your (in-game) finance

Once you are used to trying out various weaponry, it is good to know about planning your finance. And by that, we are referring to the cash distributed to you in the game. Throughout any given match, you will get more money as you fulfill certain objectives such as bomb detonation, rescuing hostages and so on. Depending on the role that you wish to undertake, you may have to devise a plan to save enough cash later in the match as you progress, acquiring the ideal weapon once you have saved enough during the match. For instance, M4A4 and AK47 are great weapons to acquire as a CT or T respectively. In recent years, SG 533 and AUGs are recommended as well due to its ease of use. Snipers on the other hand, should work towards getting the AWP later in the match. As a rule of thumb, it is always preferable for a start to get cheaper weapons and save up for your killer weapon in later rounds.

4. Practice makes perfect

Regardless of your preferred role or weapons, nothing is perfect until you master your craft. To truly ace your games at CS:GO, there is no shortcut to success. You will need to allocate sufficient time to train and get a routine that works for you. While there is no fixed formula in terms of how much time a player needs to practice, you may have to get yourself into as many matches as possible and improve on your techniques, skills and speed. To put it into better perspective, professional esports CS:GO players train about eight hours daily, with one or two hours on critical maps and four to five maps to practice team synergy, strategies and other crucial training required to improve on your skills. Training mechanically and strategically are inseparable on the road to victory in CS:GO.

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5. Earn while you play

After hours (and even months) of hard work and disciplined training you will definitely become a better player as compared to the beginning of your CS:GO journey. Once you have immersed yourself into the ecosystem, you will be introduced to the world of weapon skins. The clever introduction of customisable weapon skins have not only won the heart of many players in the wider gaming ecosystem, but also created money-making opportunities. You can get real money by selling CSGO skins on third-party marketplaces such as SkinCashier. In view of the fact that skins are categorised into different rarity levels, float values and collection series, it is inevitable that the demand for certain weapon skins may outweigh the supply, thereby creating a CSGO skins economy which transcend beyond the digital realm of CS:GO. Today, CSGO skins are some of the most valuable virtual game items ever sold online. One example would be a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore that was sold for $61,000 in a CSGO skins marketplace due to its exclusivity. It is possible to earn that extra income by selling CSGO skins, and get these real monies work for you such as offsetting your daily expenses, paying for school fees, and even a PC upgrade.

Rewards outweigh your frustration

Nothing in life is ever easy, including building up your skill level in CSGO as there is no shortcut in this game. Therefore, we do hope that the aforementioned tips could serve you well on your journey towards becoming a better player. Both casual and professional players started out just like everyone else, gett owned within seconds and gradually get better over time. But the rewards vastly outweigh your frustrations in the beginning of your journey through these tips for CSGO. The game is thought-provoking, highly intensive and requires a great deal of skills to the extent that it is both enjoyable and rewarding, for those who persevere and have a goal to excel in future matches.

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The journey to perfection is certainly not easy in CSGO, but kudos to Valve for they have designed the game in a way that offers you an exciting and highly rewarding experience if you work hard for your goal and get better at it. And let us not forget the incredible and great community that CSGO possesses within the gaming ecosystem. So, game on, master the game with these tips and CS tricks for your next match!

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