Best CSGO Sticker Easter Eggs

Since stickers were introduced to Counter Strike: Global Offensive it has given players further possibility of customizing their guns to create a perfect weapon skin. Over the years Valve has released a number of stickers to the game, available in lootboxes known as capsules and most commonly released to commemorate some important event in the game’s history or a big eSports tournament.

Most stickers are non-serious and very often based on popular CS:GO community memes. However, many of the skins are not quite what they seem. Some of them contain hidden messages and secrets. Here are some of the best easter eggs in CSGO stickers.

  1. Sticker | Silver & Silver (Foil)

Silver is the lowest rank a player can get in the game. The term ‘Silver’ is regularly used by players in a derogatory manner. Because of this, it’s quite clear that no one wants to be considered a silver player.

The sticker Silver & Silver actually contains references to this state of things. Normally the sticker simply contains the words ‘Straight Outta Silver’, however, there is also an easter egg or two for the players willing to go digging for a bit. When you have scratched the sticker enough, you will see a hidden message: ‘Sorry about the aim’. The foil scratched sticker includes an additional easter egg – the words on the sticker change to ‘Straight Into Silver’.

  1. Sticker | Counter-tech

The Shattered web update added a large number of skins to the game, but also some additional stickers to spice up the guns. The Counter-tech is another sticker in CS:GO that contains hidden content when you scrape it a bit.

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If you keep scraping the Counter-tech sticker, you will see that the image on the sticker slowly turns into a spider. Don’t worry, this is an intentional effect, it simply turns the graphic on the sticker into the spider, which is a symbol of the Shattered web collection.

  1. Sticker | CS On The Mind

The CS On The Mind sticker is quite controversial since not everyone wants to have a realistic human brain on the side of their gun. Still, many players have sentimental feelings towards this sticker, since it is one of the oldest stickers released in the game.

CS On The Mind also contains one of the oldest easter eggs available in the game. Although the sticker might not instantly give away its secrets after scraping, smart players will immediately be able to tell what’s up when looking at the scratched version. The only two parts of the brain left spell out two letters – CS. Considering the name of this sticker, it fits quite nicely.

  1. Sticker | Global Elite

Chickens are a constant element of various CS:GO cosmetics, most commonly stickers. Sadly, they are also the most common accidental victims of gunfire on the various CS:GO maps. Italy, Cobblestone, or Inferno all contain these birds as elements of surrounding which players can interact with.

The Skills Group stickers were, as the title suggests, stickers referencing different competitive ranks in CS:GO. The Global Elite sticker normally shows the rank logo, together with the iconic Kalashnikovs. However, players who scrape the sticker enough times can reveal a hidden image of a chicken, right where the map normally is.

  1. Sticker | Knife Club
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David Fincher’s ‘Fight Club’ has become a cult classic, with many references in various media. Video Games haven’t been spared this phenomenon, and references to the underground secret fighting ring can be found in many different video games.

The name of the sticker is a dead giveaway of this being a reference to David Fincher’s movie. However, this sticker comes with a hidden easter egg. While normally the words on the sticker spell out ‘Fight Club: No guts, No glory’, when you scrape the sticker enough times, it instead turns into the classic fight club slogan: ‘Do not talk about knife club!!!’.

  1. Sticker | Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain is a hero from another popular Valve game, Dota 2. As the name suggests, she is all about causing pain and overall rather nasty. This collaboration sticker shows her riding a rocket, with a word ‘Pain’ and a tiny dota logo on the rocket’s tail.

This sticker is another one that contains a hidden text, provided you re willing to scrape it first. If, for whatever reason, you use this sticker but don’t want to have the Queen of Pain on your gun, you can simply scratch off the sticker, until it reveals hidden words ‘You suffer, fool!’.

To Sum Up

There are many easter eggs in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Many of them are well hidden though, and the stickers are barely the tip of the iceberg. If you enjoyed any of the stickers mentioned on this list, remember that you can always get them for the best prices available at

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