CS2 Warmup: What Is It and How to End It?

If you’ve been playing Counter Strike Global Offensive and CS2, you’re probably already familiar with how warmup works. The warmup period exists in the game to let the players connect to the game without the others having to wait. During the warmup in CSGO and CS2, players can engage in a simple deathmatch-type shooting with infinite lives.

While the warmup in CS 2 is a significant part of the matchmaking experience, like many other things, you can also change this feature by using the developer console commands. Here at Skincashier we present a guide on how to end warmup in CS 2!

How To End Warmup In CS 2?

First of all, you should know that like with many developer console commands, you won’t be able to end warmup in a competitive CS 2 match. If you want to modify game features such as these, you can only do so in custom CS2 games.

Ending a warmup in a custom game is actually extremely simple. After you enable developer console in the game, bring i tup by pressing the console button (tilde by default) and enter the following command:


Press enter, and that’s it! Once you execute the command, the warmup time immediately ends, and the real match starts. While this simple command can end warmup in a custom game, it’s good to keep in mind that there are other developer console commands, that allow you to shorten, remove, or otherwise modify the warmup in CS 2.

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Permanently Remove Warmup In CS 2

If you want your bot matches to start without any warm-up, it’s actually possible thanks to CS2 CFG files. Config files (CFG file for short) are a great and efficient way to modify your game client, allowing you to easily change different aspects of the game. Various important features, like CS 2 crosshair settings, require gamers to enter a string of different commands each time they would start the game.

In order to avoid this, the game includes a CFG file feature. In short, CFG files execute every command in the file as soon as you start the game client. If you want to permanently remove warmup from your custom CS 2 games, simply add the mp_warmuptime “0” to your CFG file.

End Warmup Based On Player Count

One of the coolest features for custom games is ending warmup based on the game’s player count. While standard matches start when all of the players join the game, CS2 includes a feature that allows you to simply end the warmup automatically, when a specified number of players joins the match. This is especially useful when you’re playing non-standard game types, like CS2 surf maps.

You can do this like previous commands, bring up the developer console and enter ‘mp_endwarmup_player_count’ followed by the number of players after which you want the game to start. Once you enter this command and press enter, the warmup will go on until the specified players join, after which you’ll proceed to a normal match.

End Warmup After Specified Time

If you feel like the game is taking too long to start, you can simply choose to end the warmup after a specified amount of time. This is a risky feature since the game will start whether the teams are balanced or not, however, if you’re messing around with the developer console in a custom game, chances are you’re playing for fun anyway.

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To end the warmup instantly after a specified number of seconds passes, just use the command mp_warmuptime followed by a number. The chosen number specifies how many seconds must pass for the warmup to end.

Skip 15-second Freeze After Spawning

CS 2 includes a short 15-second window after the players spawn in the match, in order to allow them to choose weapons and think up a strategy for the following round. If for whatever reason you’d like to skip this part, you can do this with console commands.

If you want to skip the 15-seconds freeze, simply enter the command ‘mp_freezetime’ followed by a number of seconds you want to give players after they spawn. If you simply choose to enter 0, players will immediately spawn into the round, without the spare time to browse the buy items.

End the Warmup On An RCON Server

RCON servers in CS2 include their own end warmup command. If you’re running an RCON server of your own, and would like to end warmup for all the players, or just shorten the warmup timer, you can do so, just like with any other warmup timers mentioned in this guide.

If you want to end the warmup on your RCON server, simply use the rcon mp_warmup_end. Once you execute the command, the warmup will end for everyone on the server.

In Conclusion

Here’s everything you need to know about how to skip the warmup in CS 2. While this feature might not be very useful if you only play competitive matches, knowing how to skip warmup can make playing custom games with your friends much more fun!

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