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Out of all the defensive characters in Team Fortress 2, Engineer is the most popular class in the game. The class often offers a relaxed alternative to the fast-paced action of a standard Team Fortress 2 match. And while it’s easy enough to rack up a serious number of kills just by relying on your sentry guns, being an effective TF2 engineer requires skill, as well as knowledge of the game.

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Engineer TF2 – General Information

The Engineer is a defensive TF2 class. The relaxed Texan helps his team at the front lines with his construction mechanics. The Engineer can build three different deadly contraptions: a sentry gun, a dispenser, and a teleporter. A good engineer can provide support to his team with extra damage or utility. In order to build his constructions, the Engineer needs to collect metal. The engineer’s metal supply can be expanded by picking up ammo crates or fallen weapons from other players.

The Engineer has a 125 health pool, making him one of the more squishy classes, together with the Medic and the Scout. Because of this, you’ll most likely be depending on you sentry guns and other players on your team to protect you from the enemy team. An overhead only gives the Engineer 185 health, meaning that despite the engineer’s ingenious devices, he’s not much of a fighter.

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The Engineer wears three different weapons in his standard loadout: a shotgun, a pistol, and a wrench. His primary weapon is a standard shotgun, not very useful for combat, but effective for spy-checking any allies that run up to your buildings. There are various different shotguns for the Engineer to choose from, however, none of them provide reliable firepower to be used without a sentry gun around, so you shouldn’t rely on shooting your way out of enemy encounters. The same could be said about the pistol, although an alternative for his secondary weapon, the wrangler, deserves a mention. When equipped, he can manually control his sentry gun, like any other weapon. Finally, the Engineer’s melee weapon, the wrench, is a powerful but slow melee weapon, capable of one-hitting enemies on random crits. Most importantly, however, the wrench can be used by the engineer to fix and upgrade his construction. The engineer can hit friendly buildings with a melee weapon to fix and upgrade them. The melee weapon can also be used to remove sappers.

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TF2 Engineer Buildings

Besides his standard weapon loadout, the Engineer also carries around a set of two tools – a PDA that allows him to select and construct buildings, as well as destroy them. While the buildings have to be placed in front of the Engineer and require enough free space, the Engineer can destroy his buildings at range without any consequences. A destroyed building will drop metal parts, allowing the Engineer to re-use some of his building scraps.

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Sentry Gun

The sentry gun is easily the Engineer’s trademark weapon. An engineer can place a sentry gun anywhere on the map, and upgrade it up to three levels. The sentry gun will automatically detect any enemies that appear in its field of view and open fire. Upgraded to the third level the sentry gun can easily one-shot even heavier classes such as the Soldier or the TF2 Heavy. Level three sentry gun also features a rocket launcher, capable of firing AoE attacks.

With the gunslinger equipped, the sentry gun is replaced with a mini sentry, which is much weaker and can’t be upgraded, but also costs less metal and can be deployed almost instantly. While it’s generally an uncommon practice, a battle Engineer with a mini sentry can be useful when your team is on the offensive.


The dispenser is one of the most important tools that the Engineer can provide his team with. The building will heal nearby teammates, give them ammo, and generate metal for any engineer in the area. Just like the sentry gun, the dispenser can be upgraded to higher levels, which will provide more metal, ammo, and healing to players in the area. The dispenser is most often places in a safe distance from the sentry, allowing you to stay safe, while continuously feeding you metal for upgrades and repairs.


The teleporter is why Engineers are important on both defensive and offensive. Unlike other buildings, the teleporter actually includes a pair of devices: a teleporter entrance and an exit. The name is pretty self-explanatory. Any player can teleport in a matter of seconds from the entrance to the exit. Teleporters don’t work both ways, however, meaning that you won’t be able to return, unless there’s another pair of teleporters in the area. Like other buildings, the teleporter can be upgraded with metal parts to have a shorter cooldown.

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Best TF2 Engineer Loadout

Although mostly relying on his automated turret to stay a constant threat, there are generally two types of Engineer loadouts: offensive and defensive engineer. Here are the best loadouts for an engineer you can try today:

Battle Engineer

A battle engineer is a good choice if your team is attacking. While you’ll be giving up your standard sentry for a mini variant, this loadout is meant to be less about map control, and more about direct support to your team. Frontier Justice together with the Short Circuit will allow you to add some extra damage to your team while deploying your mini sentry for additional damage from behind the backs of Heavies and Soldiers. The best battle engineer loadout includes:

  • Frontier Justice
  • Short Circut
  • Gunslinger.

Defensive Engineer

This loadout is more similar to the traditional Engineer playstyle in TF2, although we have included a little twist. The Engineer seldom removes his structures after placing them in a safe location, and this loadout adds some extra defenses, as well as helps you stay hidden, further confusing your enemy. The best items for the Defensive engineer are:

  • Rescue ranger
  • Wrangler
  • Jag

In Conclusion

Here is the best Engineer TF2 guide that you can use to upgrade your game. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out the rest of the Skincashier blog, where we regularly post more content about TF2, as well as your other favorite online games!

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