Best CSGO Glitches of 2022 – TOP 5

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As much as Valve game developers want their games to be perfect, it is inevitable in the gaming industry to experience bugs and glitches once in a while. Thus, CS:GO is no exception to that.

Most established game titles that are in the market today are bound to face a longstanding issue of bugs and glitches. A glitch is just an unexpected response from the game code when certain “unwanted and unusual conditions” are met, and is not likely for game developers to detect on time prior to the patch or game release. Thus, many game companies have sought the help of their community with reporting of such issues. As games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) gained immense popularity and support from the community, it is possible that such errors may occur more often today than before.

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As one of the most-played competitive shooter games in modern history, CSGO has drawn its fair share of feedback on glitches that can either be helpful, funny, creepy or sometimes even game-breaking. Although it may be fun and games initially, persisting glitches may affect its esports industry as well as its credibility as a reputable game in the gaming ecosystem. Fortunately, Valve has been pretty consistent in fixing most of the reported glitches found by the community, or CSGO esports teams. 

For instance, there were a number of glitches that were reported and captured on YouTube videos of various glitches which appeared in the midst of the game. In 2019, CSGO players have discovered an exploit which allows players to basically reset either the flames from molotov cocktails, or defy physics by reshaping the smoke deployed from smoke grenades. Sometimes, the smoke effect from smoke grenades failed to conceal the detonated area, rendering the grenade useless in a bid to create a smokescreen for their opponents. Moreover, there is a random Dust II-specific glitch which caused the C4 bomb to go beneath the map. If that happens in a Major or high-profile tournament, it will not only prevent CTs from detonating the C4 since it is out of reach, but it may also leave a bad imprint on the highly successful game title. If you are looking for a place where you can sell csgo skins for real money, be sure to test!

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CSGO Glitches that wreak havoc in 2021

Therefore, the team at SkinCashier believes with great certainty that more glitches of different severity levels are bound to happen in the later half of this year. With that said, we have scoured the internet for five of the best CSGO glitches that have been discovered so far in the first half of 2021. Some of them are purely comical, while others may have adverse effects to the esports arena of CSGO.

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The CSGO’s stutter update that may have gone too far

In March this year, CSGO released an update that was meant to address increasing stuttering issues as reported by the community. Unfortunately, instead of fixing the said issue, it has triggered new in-game problems that have rendered the game unplayable for many CSGO players. Firstly, Reddit user “gpcgmr” reported an issue that highly reflective surfaces which were found throughout the game were not as shiny as before, which may be attributed to the automated override of all shader and graphic settings to “High”. As some players attempted to switch it to a lower graphical setting, the game fixated itself at “High quality”. Other encountered issues include extended object models, where object models extend to a point where they obstruct the player’s Field of Vision (FOV), and Color artifacting.

These above mentioned glitches are likely to be caused by a certain range of Intel-integrated GPUs hardware. 

FaZe Clan fall victim to ridiculous C4 glitch at Katowice qualifier

Recently, FaZe Clain’s CSGO team encountered a glitch during the Closed European qualifier for the upcoming IEM Katowice 2021 tournament. This glitch has nearly messed up the team’s gameplay in the competitive match. 

During their final round with ARCY, FaZe Clan were met with the problem of the C4 bomb buried under the concrete near T-spawn. They almost lost the round on the Nuke map when the annoying glitch prevents T-side from retrieving the C4, effectively nulling any odds of them meeting the map’s objective. Fortunately for them, the glitch was quickly discovered by the commentator and both teams were brought to restart their rounds on Nuke.

The C4 glitch is a rather common problem in many maps, such as Dust II, as shared in earlier paragraphs. CSGO developers are working hard to rectify the ongoing issue pertaining to the C4 glitch, as the inconvenience it caused to competitive events is not something that should be neglected.

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This CSGO glitch allows certain players to be invisible during the game

Invisibility is probably one of the most wanted magical powers that people crave for. Some players have thought of ingenious ways to use camouflaged CSGO skins that could blend with the environment of the map. This CSGO glitch is a fulfilment for players who include such a battle strategy in the game, or more specifically, Shattered Web CSGO skins.

Valve has released a new operation this year for CSGO players. Known as “Operation Shattered Web”, the update has introduced a series of Agents’ camouflaged CSGO skins for players to purchase and use for their games. In an interesting turn of events, these CSGO skins appear nearly invisible to the opposing team, with some players suggesting that these CSGO skins give the wearer unfair advantages in the game. A reddit user “TINTIn_cs” have even pointed out an instance where a player who used these camouflaged skin are completely invisible to the opposing team, as ‘TINTIn_cs’ saw the enemy fire coming from nowhere.

As this is a relatively new glitch, it is unknown at this point what causes these skins to achieve invisibility like how Harry Potter makes use of the invisibility cloak to sneak out on his opponents. Hopefully Valve will address this issue soon and prohibits competitive players from using the Shattered Web CSGO skin until the glitch is fixed.

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This glitch enables the player from any server to exploit the wallhack without using “sv_cheats 1”

Wall hack is a rather infamous method exploited by many first-person shooter gamers who used the cheat, or hack to identify their enemies location. CSGO has undergone so many updates since its official release back in August 2012, that a growing number of newly emerging glitches appear in the game. This glitch was triggered by a new graphical problem that allowed CSGO players to see through surfaces in the game, even without enabling any cheat codes.

According to one reddit user, “AleksanderBuljo”, the glitch allowed them to momentarily see through a smoke grenade, and even enemies hidden from FOV.  He added this glitch as potentially “Game-breaking” since it is certainly unfair for the opposing team as they have no way to hide their location from their enemies with this glitch.

Since this is also a rather new glitch found only this year, Valve has yet to identify how the glitch actually happened, and if it is due to the player’s hardware. The only way Valve’s developers can rectify the issue is to recreate the error and investigate the cause, before the wallhack-like glitch goes on to affect Majors and other tournaments.

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You can become a C4 bomb with this glitch, at least for a few seconds

While our last pick of the Top 5 Best CSGO glitches in 2021 might also be due to graphical errors, this harmless glitch may bring some laughters in the game. Another reddit user “Raven_Kerman” shared in the forum this year that he had discovered his ability to momentarily turn into an Agent-sized C4 bomb. He further added that this happened when he was playing T-side on the Mirage map. After having won the 6th round of the game, he started to plant the C4 for some extra cash before the map was refreshed into a new round. As the new round began, he was told by his fellow teammates that he actually turned into a humongous C4 standing beside them at ‘T-Spawn’. He later went on unknowingly rectifying the glitch by hitting a few buttons.

Since this temporary glitch was not game-breaking by any means, many players have proposed to Valve with some funny ideas such as proposing the player to plant himself on the bomb site should the character turn into a C4, allowing the famed chicken to be the C4, or that the company could consider introducing CSGO skins for items like the C4.

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The main takeaway from this glitch is that T-sided players are a creative bunch of players who Valve should consider their ideas for their next updates, since bearable glitches like that can be a joy to many involved in the intense matchmaking process.

Reviewing and fixing these glitches

Valve has been known by the wider gaming community as the company that actually listens to its players. They have paid close attention to the feedback thread and often respond to users who reported such glitches with a sincere reply for their feedback. However, since it is impossible to detect all glitches in complex software gaming applications like CSGO, there are no fixed timeline of official notice from Valve to address every glitch. It is only with great hope that “game-breaking” glitches have to be seriously evaluated and fixed. Only then, can the entire CSGO community maintain the game as one of the best in the world.

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