What Is A CSGO Sponsorship?

Sponsorships play a crucial role in all professional sports. Sponsors allow athletes to fund their further sport efforts, train uninterrupted and participate in major leagues. That is why on all sporting events you can see various different brands all over the game, arena, and in many cases on the athletes themselves.

Things are no different with esports teams, that are always looking for sponsorship opportunities. Because of this, many different companies worldwide have participated in esports team sponsorships and are currently the main source of revenue for athletes and esports teams in general.

But what exactly is an esports sponsorship? Here’s everything you need to find out.

How CSGO Sponsorships Work?

In many regards the esports industry works similarly to normal sports. Players and teams need money, which they can use to fund their efforts. Companies on the other hand, need exposure in form of advertisements and commercials. One way for them to get it, is to start sponsoring esports teams, which will appear either under the name of the company, or will play brandished in company logos.

Sponsorships are a huge part of esports, as most companies look for any form of exposure they can get this way. In order to do this, companies support individual esports players on their streaming platforms, entire esports teams and, in many cases, large esports tournaments. CSGO esports tournaments such as Mountain Dew League or Intel Extreme Masters are all funded by companies which are in some way or form related to gaming and provide entertainment for a global audience.

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Sponsorships are a crucial element of the esports ecosystem. All parts of esports industry rely more or less on esports partnerships, whether it’s the tournament organizers or teams, esports sponsors are what keeps World Championship in CSGO running. This doesn’t only apply to Counter Strike, however, as many different companies have their stakes in sponsoring esports for many different games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and many, many different titles. Whether you like it or not, if you want fans to see big plays in an esports arena, teams need money, and there are no better ways to do it than through esports sponsors.

What Are The Biggest Esports Sponsors At The Moment?

Since esports are such a big business nowadays, many different companies want to get their share of profits, with some top brands that can also be found sponsoring traditional sports. Energy drinks, clothing companies and gaming gear procuders are among some of the biggest names that are esports sponsors. Here is a short list of some of the most popular esports sponsors at the moment in Counter Strike: Global Offensive:

Coca Cola

This sweet drink giant is one of the biggest companies in the world at the moment and are behind sponsorships of many different sporting and cultural events. Their esports sponsorships are no different, and you can easily find many Coca Cola logos at any esports arenas as well as streaming platforms. The Coca Cola brand has significantly expanded their operations to fund and sponsor various different big tournaments, such as the ESL or Legends World Championship. Many teams would love to be sponsored by this giant company, as it means serious money, however the Coca Cola company makes sure to fund only the biggest players in the field.

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Mountain Dew

Another classic soda brand owned by the Pepsico corporation, Mountain Dew has worked hard for years to create an image of a gamer’s drink, and one of the ways they do this is by esports sponsorships. Mountain Dew league is one of the biggest Call of Duty esports leagues at the moment and the brand continues to sponsor other Esports events. Mountain Dew has also made significant contributions to the Overwatch league, one of the largest CSGO tournaments and will most likely continue to pay good money to its players.

Red Bull

Another brand, which is a big player in the sponsorships industry, Red Bull has over the years sponsored all kinds of different events, not only sports, but many crazy ones as well like the Red Bull Flugtag, where competitors build their own aircraft and try to fly as far as they can. Over the last couple of years Red Bull has made significant contributions to esports, trying to attract the gamer audience to its products. Red Bull is actually behind the sponsorships of some of the biggest esports teams, such as Team Dignitas oe Evil Geniuses.

To Sum Up

Esports sponsorships are what allows the industry to continue deliver great experiences to the viewers. They are the blood and flesh of esports, and if you don’t like to look at brands and their logos, you might be out of luck, since esports sponsorship isn’t going anywhere.

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