Quick Guide To CSGO Economy

Money is very important, not only in real life but in CSGO as well. Knowing how and when to spend your money is a very important part of every CSGO strategy, and can easily make or break your match. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might spend all your money when it’s least necessary, ruining your team’s economy and costing you a loss.

Economy is one of the most important parts of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and if you don’t have it figured out, chances are you’ll be forever stuck in lower ranks. Thankfully, the game’s economy isn’t that hard to figure out. Here’s all you need to know to get a hang of CSGO economy.

What Is CSGO Economy?

CSGO uses a complex method to count the total amount of money that each player can spend or receive each round in order to make the game as balanced as possible. Although there are some fixed numbers of how much money you get every round, the game actually works to balance it out, by giving you money for scoring plays (such as killing enemies and planting bombs), but also help you out if you’re struggling.

It’s important to spend wisely, as you don’t want to find yourself with empty pockets while your opponents are happily purchasing AWPs. You can, of course, bet on trying to simply kill members of the opposing team and take their weapons, but this is not a very viable strategy, as it requires you to go in empty-handed. However, if you do manage to pull this off, it will generate a massive advantage for your team’s economy, as you won’t have to purchase new weapons next round. Also, if you have more money, you can buy guns for your teammates who were less lucky, improving your odds of winning rounds in a competitive match.

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CSGO Economy – Basic Rules

To understand CSGO economy, you must first understand the basics. The first round, also known as the pistol round, starts the players on both teams off with $800. Players are free to spend that money how they want, however, this is always a risky business. Many players on the terrorist team choose to start with a tec-9, while the CT team more often goes for the five-seven. Both of these purchases in the pistol round, however, can cost you your next round. If your team loses and you get killed, there’s a chance that you will not only lose money and affect your team’s economy, but your opponents will also get your gun and gain an additional advantage, besides money from their win.

This is important, as the next round is either one of the ‘eco rounds’ or a ‘force buy’, depending on how your team did. If you’re going eco, chances are your team will either purchase some basic pistols and grenades or simply skip buying altogether. This can mostly be done without risk, since such a round will most likely have the entire team on the opposing side with short-range SMGs, meaning that you can go for pistol fights at a longer distance. However, if your team did well in the previous round, it’s a good idea to splurge out a bit and get yourself some good items. Getting a second win in this round will allow your team to continue on and dominate further.

Finally, the third round, also known simply as a rifle round, is the point where the match progresses to a serious game. At this point even if you’re on the losing team and failed to secure a round win in both the first and second round, you should be able to afford a normal rifle. From here on out, you should always be trying to buy three things for every round:

  • Rifle (either AK-47 or M4A4, depending on your side)
  • Full body armor
  • Grenades
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It’s extremely important that you get the full body armor whenever you can, as it can easily change the tides in a match to one team’s favor. Likewise, grenades have a huge impact on the game, so you should always remember to carry a flashbang or a smoke grenade for your team (ideally both).

Finally, when going in the fourth round and beyond, remember to avoid spending all your money at once. Ideally, you should try to keep it at a level, which will allow you to purchase a full set of rifle round equipment at the start of the next round.

What Are The CSGO Economy Objective Rewards Kill?

As you can see, there’s quite a lot to understand about the CSGO economy. Thankfully, the more you play in competitive matches, the clearer it will all become. Here is a quick rundown on what gives you money in CSGO:

Kill rewards

  • Knife $1500
  • Pistol (excluding CZ75-Auto) $300
  • CZ75-Auto $100
  • SMG (excluding P90) $600
  • P90 $300
  • Shotgun $900
  • Heavy Machine Guns $300
  • Rifles & Snipers (excluding AWP) $300
  • AWP $100
  • Grenade $300
  • Zeus x27 $0
  • Teamkill   -$300

Team and objective rewards

  • Kill all enemies: $3250
  • Time runs out (CT): $3250
  • Defuse bomb (CT): 3500 ($300 player reward)
  • Bomb explodes (T): $3500
  • Bomb planted but defused (T): Loss Bonus + $800
  • Bomb plant: $300 player reward

Catch-up Mechanism aka How Much Money You Get For Losing Consecutive Rounds

  • One: $1400
  • Two: $1900
  • Three: $2400
  • Four: $2900
  • Five: $3400

In Conclusion

CSGO economy is one of the most important game’s features to learn if you want to improve your competitive rank. The more you play, the better understanding of CSGO economy you’ll have, so the best way to learn more is simply to play the game.

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