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Counter-Strike was initially developed as a fan-made, Half-Life mod by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jesse Cliffe in 1999. It had quickly gained traction as players from around the world were gravitated towards the first-person shooter concept where they sell the notion of two teams, terrorists who are tasked to execute an act of terror (bombing, hostage-taking) while counter-terrorists try to prevent it (bomb defusal, hostage rescue). Shortly after, the meteoric rise has attracted the attention of its own game publisher, Valve in 2000. Both creators were hired by Valve in order to turn the unofficial mod into a fully-fledged game title of Valve. Since then, it has gone through several iterations before settling into the version that is known today as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a massive sell-out to date within the gaming ecosystem.

Over the past decade, the Steam marketplace has seen CS:GO being consistently ranked at the top of the competitive shooter scene and even inspired other first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty and Overwatch. The gameplay emphasised a lot on cooperative teamwork and glorified moments where any player has the chance to shine in any given match. In addition to that, players are also trained to carefully navigate through meticulously crafted maps such as Dust II and Inferno, allowing myriad tactics that require varying degrees of skill, and realistically modeled guns in the player’s expansive arsenal to outwit their opponents in the highly competitive and strategy-based gameplay.

Introduction of CS:GO Weapon Skins

CS:GO has evolved over the years with upgrades that saw dozens of in-game features that continue to entice millions of CS:GO players globally. The most significant update occurred in August 2013, when Valve released the “Arms Deal” update that introduced over 100 new weapon skins (also known as finishes) which are categorised into 10 collections which represented maps such as Aztec, Dust and Office. Even though CS:GO skins, unlike CS:GO ranks do not offer any tactical advantages within the game, these weapon skins are highly sought after since they are able to accentuate their unique in-game personas by customising their weapons with their preferred style.

Today, many players are donning a wide variety of skins from a library of close to 800 skins to choose from. Other factors such as the rarity and skin’s condition have also enticed players, with a goal to acquire them for bragging rights, or to simply complete their ideal style. As a result, the success of CS:GO skins have prompted Valve to create the Steam Market which facilitates the skin economy among players, thereby allowing them to sell CS:GO skins in the marketplace.

In general, there are two types of CS:GO skins: Collection skins from maps or missions, and Case skins through unboxing. Players can also sell up to ten skins of the same rarity tier for a random skin of a higher rarity tier, or even perform CS:GO trade with other players using third-party platforms. However, the creation of the Steam Market is to limit trading within the CS:GO gaming ecosystem, since Valve does not intend to brush with the law by offering payment services which involve real-world money transactions. Instead, Valve allows its players to exchange on third-party platforms to buy or sell CS:GO skins.

Because of the popularity of rare CS:GO skins, Steam inventory values of these virtual items are appealing to players as they could sell CS:GO skins and earn additional incomes by playing their favorite game. For instance, rare items like AWP’s Dragon Lore skin could fetch up to a few thousand dollars on third-party markets. Renowned CS:GO skins marketplaces like SkinCashier have the option for connected users to access skins’ values, before they decide to sell their CS:GO skins.

Why is SkinCashier popular among CS:GO players?

In reality, there are many scammers online that see the opportunity in highly lucrative CS:GO skin trading sites. Some of them have gone to the extent of creating fraudulent marketplace which claim to offer CS:GO trades at the expense of player’s skins and real-world money. Fortunately, with sufficient due diligence and research, CS:GO players can identify and entrust the trading service with third-party marketplaces.

SkinCashier was launched in 2019 by a group of avid CS:GO players who saw the prevailing issue found in third-party marketplaces and are equally frustrated with rampant fraudulent activities existing in the space. Given their years of CS:GO experience and their involvement within the CS:GO community, they have decided to make a change and develop a marketplace that is safe for anyone who wishes to sell their CS:GO skins in a trusted and 100% secure environment, even if they're selling their most expensive CS:GO knife.

Enabling a 100% secure and reliable trading environment

Our marketplace is equipped with a fraud detection system and fraud monitoring, to ensure that no bad actors can interfere and compromise the system whenever anyone sells their CS:GO skins. The entire platform is designed under the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, with a service level of 99.99% uptime. This is to ensure a seamless transaction process and to assure our users with a 100% secure environment to successfully trade with our marketplace, from start to finish. Furthermore, our reputable 24/7 service standard provides the user with a peace of mind and zero risk while selling their CS:GO skins, whether it's a cheap CS:GO knife or one of the most expensive CS:GO skins, like Dragon Lore or the M4A4 Howl, instantly and safely on our platform.

Additionally, we are committed to deliver with transparency. Players can sell CS:GO skins with SkinCashier without the worry of price shocks, as all prices shown prior to checkout are inclusive of the service fee. A tracking code will also be sent to the player’s designated email address as a proof of transaction in instances where the transaction requires the attention of customer service (CS) support. In case of any suspicious activity or any unlikely events, our dedicated CS team will be available anytime to serve the needs of the affected users in our marketplace.

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* Note: All official communication from SkinCashier will only be made through our official social media channels and our email addresses ( Any interactions not otherwise stated are very likely to be from illegitimate sources (e.g. friend request on Steam) Our customer’s safety and satisfaction is our utmost priority, thus rest assured that you may sell your CS:GO skin to SkinCashier safely and 100% securely.