Sell CS:GO skins without hidden fees

Games are intrinsic across all cultures around the world, and it can be said to be one of the oldest forms of human social interaction. Back in the 19th century, games like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders were prevalent in western cultures as the upper and middle classes had more leisure time than people of previous generations. However, some games were designed to be deceitful by nature which has drawn a lot of flak from frustrated people who have attempted to play the game.

One example is the classic shell game known as the ‘Three-card Monte’, where players are supposedly rewarded with marks if they are able to identify the “money card” from three shuffled, face-down cards. Unfortunately, the game was created to trick players from the start and therefore no one would be able to choose the right card, and obtained no marks as a result. Thus, this game can only be won if the dealer decides to show mercy to the player in question. Otherwise, it is a never ending loop of losing streaks for the player.

Today, similar deceptive tactics are used by a growing number of businesses to set their prices as they want. Bait-and-surcharge pricing involves a marketing strategy businesses use to attract prospective consumers with seemingly unbeatable prices. But the truth will ultimately prevail during the checkout, with surcharges only to be revealed during the final step of the purchasing process. Through this unethical practice, inescapable hidden surcharges are masked at the beginning of the purchasing process to prevent their consumers from knowing the real price, as well as to restrict competition, making price comparisons challenging.

In reality, bait-and-surcharge pricing has become a commonplace across numerous industries such as travel booking sites, online retailers and even online marketplaces that sell CS:GO skins. Hidden fees are aplenty and come in various forms such as service, facility and administrative charges.

As consumers become more tech-savvy and make smarter transactions online in our caveat emptor economy, businesses have to devise alternative strategies which could protect their consumers’ rights, as well as to offer more transparency in the purchasing process for customer retention with no hidden fees, which is the way forward over the next decade of hyperconnectivity and a fully digitised global market. In order for free markets to prosper, good information is required on products and prices. The tiring Bait-and-surcharge pricing scheme has no social redeeming value and the only way forward is for businesses to be upfront with their all-in prices.

The toxic culture has fuelled SkinCashier to provide the best for players who are genuinely looking for a trusted and secure platform to sell CS:GO skins, and stepped into the marketplace arena as a game-changing CS:GO skins marketplace. It is time that we step in to stop consumers from being marks of this pricing shell game.

Being transparent and better serving CS:GO trades

Like many online retailers and marketplaces, there are a handful of CS:GO’s third-party markets that seem to be trapped in the Bait-and-surcharge’s cycle. For example, a player connects his Steam inventory to the platform with the intent to sell CS:GO skins like AWP Dragon Lore or an M4A4 Howl, and is shown an attractive price offer which is higher than the market rate. But as he proceeded to checkout, he noticed that the payout amount was significantly lesser than what was quoted in the beginning, which led him to resent the ethics of the platform and potentially other CS:GO skins marketplaces as well.

This is the reason that SkinCashier is carefully built from the ground up by a team of fellow CS:GO players, who understood the problem arising from the transaction process. As the first platform that truly places customer satisfaction and retention as the priority, we advocate fair pricing and transparency for players that entrusted their most valuable CS:GO skins to us. There are no gimmicks like inflated skin prices, thus no hidden fees exist in our platform. We want to ensure that our users are shown with an all-in pricing right from the inventory page to checkout, even when selling the most expensive of CS:GO knife skins.

The purpose of SkinCashier is to empower the freedom of players to earn while playing their favorite games (ie. CS:GO), and to gain a satisfactory trading experience with one of the leading CS:GO trading marketplaces around.

Sell CS:GO skins with a wide variety of payout options

Apart from our carefully-designed platform and an user-friendly interface, we have also listened to your feedback and deployed several payout options to cater to different needs of our sellers. SkinCashier allows you to withdraw your cash out your Steam inventory value through popular secured payment gateways and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Pick a suitable payout option and enjoy your rewards, in real world money.

  • Cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC/ETH): Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, Payeer, Skrill
  • Fiat Currencies (e.g. USD/EUR/GBP): ePayments, PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, QIWI, Skrill

Due to a high price volatility of certain CS:GO skins such as Dragon Lore, we are unable to accept certain CS:GO skins which may not be popular among CS:GO players. In order to tackle the issue, our platform has an embedded filtering option in the inventory section, which allows the player to view skins that are currently available for sale, and order them from the cheapest CS:GO knife to the most expensive CS:GO knife. Also in our latest update, we are now accepting DOTA 2 skins in SkinCashier. Despite being a third-party trading marketplace, we are grateful to players from DOTA 2 and CS:GO communities who trusted our service as we are sincere in assuring players price transparency, security and the wide range of payout options for real-world money.

Although the official Steam community market does enable player-to-player CS:GO trade, the remuneration is locked within the steam account. Thus, trading with a trusted and secured marketplace like SkinCashier allows you to sell CS:GO skins like Dragon Lore for real money, and earn actual side incomes while playing CS:GO. Do note that as with other third-party marketplaces, we do charge a similar fee (11.5%) as the official Steam marketplace for every CS:GO trade performed in SkinCashier.