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In December 2012, the beta launch of Steam Community Market (or Steam Market) was announced with much fanfare as the move has formed a whole new level of surprisingly complex game economies for underlying game titles from Valve corporation. Fast forward to 2020, the community market has served millions of players from DOTA 2 to CS:GO to date, allowing users to buy and sell CS:GO skins such as Dragon Lore, using their Steam Wallet funds.

According to Valve software engineer Tony Paloma, there are over 500,000 trades made through the platform weekly. The Steam Market allows gameplay to be converted into funds for new items such as CS:GO skins. Its success has resonated beyond the Steam economy wherein players are now able to exchange with other players for a more favorable item (or skins) quicker in an attempt to achieve their ideal builds for their upcoming PVP matches. In addition to that, for every sale of an item, Steam does charge a nominal fee of 15 percent to be borne by the buyer, which is used to protect against fraudulent incidents as well as the cost of future Steam development for the game economy.

The widespread players’ adoption of the Steam Market has also given a more meaningful purpose to the rarity of items. For example, a CS:GO player with a covert-graded, factory new M9 Bayonet’s Crimson Web skin, one of the most expensive CS:GO knife skins, will be able to trade for more items of lower grades. Such distinctive in-game features, coupled with the Market’s prominence, give real-world values to rare and expensive skins. Unsurprisingly, several rare skins are in high demand such that owners of these skins will either keep them as ‘trophies’, or to trade them with skins that are of similar rarity levels.

The Advent of CS:GO Skins

Although CS:GO skins do not give a head start to players who use them, they are popular among players who seek to customise their weapons with visually appealing skins and to build their ideal in-game personas. Therefore, equipping rare weapon skins accentuate players for in-game bragging rights, and possibly create an illusion to fellow teammates or opponents that they may be highly skilled in order to possess rare weapon skins.

The game changing Arms Deal update in 2013 has ushered in a new era of gaming experience for the CS:GO community, with an ever-growing number of new weapon skin releases for players to choose from. It has also given real-world market valuations to rare weapon skins like the legendary AWP’s Dragon Lore skin, or the more common cheapest CS:GO knives. However, Steam Market does not facilitate real-world money transactions between players. Earnings made from trades are directly deposited into the player’s Steam Wallet, which restricts the player from ‘cashing out’. As there is common knowledge among the CS:GO community that rare weapons, such as the Contraband M4A4 Howl, are valuable in real-life, thus Steam has eventually offered the option for trades to be made outside of the Steam Market, through third parties platforms. As a result, players can now have the option to sell their CS:GO skins for instant cash through renowned third-party CS:GO skins marketplaces like SkinCashier.

Experience safe trading with SkinCashier

SkinCashier is popular even among highly ranked CS:GO players who wish to sell their CS:GO skins instantly. The reason that our marketplace is preferred by the community is probably due to our mission in serving the community with the highest customer service standard, as well as our wide range of withdrawal options for players who sell their CS:GO skins to us.

SkinCashier’s impeccable customer support (CS) is actively managed by a team of specialists 24/7 worldwide. Our modus operandi relies on a proven set of ‘secret sauce’ strategies which has been credited by our users for being highly responsive and responsible, around the clock. Although no business is perfect, we are constantly setting our service standards higher after every resolved case undertaken by our SkinCashier’s CS. Do check out streamers, merchants and partners for opinions about us!

Earn as you play CS:GO

We are committed since our inception, to design an intuitive platform that allows the player to complete the trade with us in less than 5 minutes, and convert your Steam wallet balance into real-world money or cryptocurrencies. in a few seconds. We have also maintained a highly reputable track record of dispatching every transaction processed through our marketplace in a 100% secure environment. Once the player has decided to sell their CS:GO skins (for example, AWP Dragon Lore) to us, the exact value shown within our platform is instantly credited into their Steam account, which they could then choose to withdraw using one of our payout options for instant cash.

These payout options* are carefully selected for their security and are preferred by our users:

  • Cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC/ETH): Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, Payeer, Skrill
  • Fiat Currencies (e.g. USD/EUR/GBP): ePayments, PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, QIWI, Skrill

* Fund processing time may vary depending on your bank, payment account or blockchain used.

No Gimmicks. No Hidden Fees. Just Instant Cash for You

SkinCashier is created by a team of avid CS:GO gamers, and we do speak your language when it comes to living up to the standard of the CS:GO community. We are well aware of CS:GO skin trading marketplaces which may incur unnecessary hidden fees to their users at the checkout page. It can be frustrating and unfair to players who may have spent their valuable time at the inventory page, selected skins for trade, only to discover that the actual payout is less than what was indicated on the inventory page.

At SkinCashier, we advocate transparency for our users, saving your time and gaining your confidence with every skin trade made with us. All CS:GO skin prices indicated on our platform are final, which do factor in mandatory service fee. Therefore, sell your CS:GO skins with a peace of mind at SkinCashier. We guarantee that no hidden fees or price shock will ever occur on our marketplace.