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What is the Cheapest CS:GO Knife You Can Buy in 2020? – TOP 10

July 13, 2020

One of the few first-person shooter games that is based on an individual’s skill and experience, it is not that hard to find the cheapest CSGO knife and stand out from the rest.

Nowadays, there are plenty of games which utilise the infamous ‘pay-to-win’ model which offer players to gain any gameplay advantage over those who do not purchase any buffed items, resulting in a game that is largely unbalanced, or “imba”. This highly controversial in-game monetisation technique has frustrated many players, consequently affecting the reputation of the game, even if it is free-to-play. Fortunately, CSGO has kept its promise to its loyal fanbase by retaining the free-to-play gaming model.

Nevertheless, Valve still manages to push in-game monetisation in the game. Based on a reputable statistical report by Statista, CSGO has generated a staggering $414 million of revenue in 2018 with a 20% year-on-year growth rate. One of the largest contributors of the massive yearly profit is without a doubt – weapon skins and case keys. Ever since the game underwent the 2013’s “Arms Deal” update, the community are generally favorable to the prospect of customising their characters with their ideal cosmetic weapon skins, which serves no gameplay advantage at all. Even more puzzling is that players are willing to splurge on CSGO skins with real money. Therefore, it is no longer surprising to see a vibrant economy built upon the growing demand of players looking to sell weapon skins. Valve’s monetisation technique has worked not just for the video game company, but for the entire community.

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Style over Skill: Is it really the case for beginners?

These days, players are inclined to put on stylish or rare CSGO skins without a second thought. Similar to the pursuit of wealth and status in real life, many players are willing to put on their preferred cosmetic virtual item as it symbolises prestige and honor. Psychologically speaking, other players will respect those who put on valuable and rare CSGO weapon skins in any given match. Of the many CSGO weapon skins available today, the mother of all skins are without a question, CSGO knife skins, for knives.

Knives have the biggest collections of expensive CSGO skins, with price reaching as high as $100,000 in third-party marketplaces, and that virtual item is the Karambit Case Hardened (Factory New) CSGO skin. Meanwhile the legendary souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin was sold for a whopping price of $61,000, which pales in comparison with the insanely-priced Karambit’s skin.

However for absolute beginners, such luxurious spends may not be considered as a must-have if you have just started playing the skill-driven first-person shooter. The main reason is due to the fact that there are actually plenty of skins to choose from, and you may find your favorite skins for a fraction of what was stated earlier. There are actually some of the most awesome and cheapest CSGO knife skin that can be bought for less than the price of $100.

After all, it is worth noting once again that there is no difference between owning the rarest and the cheapest CSGO knife, and these cosmetic items do not offer any gameplay advantage to you. Thus, keep an open mind and explore other alternative skins before deciding to delve into a specific knife skin.

In this article, our editorial team at SkinCashier have compiled a list of the cheapest knife skins to give you a better idea on your options, and that cheap skins do exist.

Top ten picks of the cheapest CSGO knife for beginners

Although there is no need to splurge when starting out with CSGO, it is still possible to appear stylish without spending a lot of real money on knife skins like the Urban masked or Boreal forest, . The following knife skins are affordable for most, and can be bought for under the price of $100. Do note that this cheapest knife list is not arranged in any specific order.

Huntsman | Ultraviolet (Well Worn)
huntsman knife ultraviolet

A well-worn Ultraviolet skin for the Huntsman knife, a large melee weapon with a purple handle, is generally priced at a price of $100 on Steam Market, though you may occasionally sell this CSGO skin for a slightly higher value on third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier. In fact, this first skin is one of the more expensive knives on our list.

Ursus | Safari Mesh (Battle-Scarred)
ursus safari mesh

Although the Safari Mesh battle-scarred CSGO skin is not extraordinarily eye-catching at first glance, the knife Safari Mesh skin has a special insect animation may be worth a second look as your first knife Safari Mesh has to offer. If you do prefer a brand-new Safari Mesh skin for your Ursus knife, Safari Mesh is definitely one of the cheapest CSGO knife to buy as well.

Shadow Daggers | Night (Minimal Wear)shadow daggers night

The first cheapest CSGO knife on our list is the Shadow Daggers | Night with a minimally worn condition. Unlike the first two knives, Shadow Daggers are visibly smaller. But the rare insect animation and low float value of this Minimal Wear Shadow Daggers skin could make up for its shortcomings. Furthermore, it is pretty uncommon for a good quality skin to be sold for less than $100.

Shadow Daggers | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)

shadow daggers ultraviolet

Another Shadow Daggers skin has made it on our list. This time, it is the Field-Tested Ultraviolet skin. This purple twin dagger melee weapon could possibly make you stand out among your peers, like a ninja assassin. If that does not convince you, do consider the StatTrak version which can also be found for less than $100.

Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT (Field-Tested)

bowie knife forest ddpat

Coincidentally, Bowie knives were introduced shortly after the passing of famed singer-songwriter David Bowie in 2016. Therefore, it is somewhat a knife that holds certain significance for some.  The Bowie knife’s Forest DDPAT skin is a clean knife in a rather rugged, field-tested condition. It also features one of the most interesting animations when holding them in the game, second to the Karambit.

StatTrak’s Bowie Knife | Stained (Well–Worn)

bowie knife stained

Are you someone who loves to showcase your kill counts to your peers and even opponents? If you do, do not miss out on the StatTrak’s Bowie knife, as it allows you to brag about your kills with the knife. The Bowie Stained skin is a classic and it honestly looks pretty decent in the game. Although this recommended skin is rather worned out in appearance, the Stained skin certainly does look pretty cool, especially when equipped with the large Bowie knife.

Navaja Knife | Slaughter (Field-Tested)

navaja knife slaughter

Navaja knife may not have the best animation effects when compared to other CSGO knife skins, it may very well be one of our favorites on this list due to the rare Slaughter design. Owning the Navaja knife Slaughter skin for under $100 is definitely a steal for Navaja knife, or any knife skins in general.

Navaja Knife | Case Hardened (Field-Tested)

navaja knife case hardened

This Field-Tested knife skin is the best Case Hardened knife skin you can purchase under $100. With an appearance similar to a swiss army knife, the small but deadly knife does go well with the Case Hardened design pattern.

Falchion Knife | Night (Field-Tested)

falchion knife night

Unfortunately, we may not be able to own a ‘Vanta-black’ skin anytime soon in CSGO, but this Falchion knife skin is a great alternative to that. By default, the Falchion knife skin has an amazing animation effect during the player’s inspection. A fully black Falchion knife Night skin is only available in Factory New condition, which costs $300. If you do not wish to spend that much in the beginning but still need a decent CSGO knife skin, the Field-Tested Falchion knife is a good investment for a start.

Gut Knife | Damascus Steel (Factory New)

gut knife damascus steel

Finally, the last CSGO knife skin on our list goes to Gut knife’s Damascus Steel skin. This gut knife skin sets you back for a mere price of $100, or $65 to be exact. You may also experience how it is like owning a gut knife skin that is in perfect condition for the cheapest price. Start your new CSGO journey with a brand new gut knife. This good-looking gut knife could be the one for you.

Should first-time CSGO players really spend on CSGO knife skins?

Being a highly competitive online game, the player-driven CSGO skins economy stands on equal footing as its lucrative esports scene. While experienced CSGO players spent thousands of hours to perfect their skills for every map, and every match. CSGO will never cease to be a platform for fellow CSGO players to brag about their rare CSGO skins as far as prestige and in-game personality is concerned.

First-time players to the widely popular CSGO game may take some time to fully digest the concept of CSGO skins and its importance in the game ecosystem. But as they get better at the game, they will soon notice that putting on a unique CSGO knife skin can not only differentiate between themselves from their peers and opponents, but it is also a symbol of progression and identity within the game. Today, we have seen dozens of CSGO knife types with hundreds of CSGO knife skins like Urban Masked and Boreal Forest to complement every knife. Therefore, if you are able to afford a price of $100 or less for a virtual item, owning the cheapest CSGO knife skin is not that bad after all. It does not matter if you have the cheapest weapon skin, since your skills matter more than anything else in the game.

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